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Does Your Smartphone Have a Passcode? It Should.

Smart PhoneDo you have an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other smartphone? Do you have it protected by a passcode? You should.

This is something my wife pointed out long ago when I first got my iPod touch. I was adding apps that access my financial data and, whereas they were password protected, the iPod itself wasn’t.

If you think of it, you add your email, Twitter, Facebook and lots of apps to your phone. It’s a mini computer that you take everywhere, so why don’t you have it protected by a passcode or password?

Plus with more and more companies like WellsFargo, Bank of America, Chase and American Express creating apps for smartphones, your data becomes more accessible to you, and anyone who has your phone.

Leaving your phone un-locked allows anyone who has your phone access into your personal life. Even if it’s just your email, that’s connected to all of you other accounts. Once they have that, they can take almost everything.

And don’t think it won’t happen to you. Remember the guy who left his iPhone at the bar? No one hacked his accounts, but it does prove that anyone can lose their phone.

Do the smart thing and ensure that your smartphone, tablet or any portable device is protected by a passcode or password. The minor inconvenience of typing in the code is nothing compared to the added security it brings.

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