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Simplify. Relax. Enjoy.

simplify relax enjoy

Why does everything have to be so complicated and stressful? Why can’t we just all just relax once in a while and enjoy life?

We put so much stress on the small things that we make it easier for stress to come into our lives and take over. Why do we do that?

To help combat stress, I’ve put together a few easy things we should all think of doing from time to time.

  1. Leave the damn cell phone at home. There is no need to be contacted to everyone everywhere. That’s just insanity. It’s OK if someone can’t get ahold of you sometimes.
  2. Stop multitasking. I think it’s a myth that multitasking is a good idea. Do one thing, and do it well. Then do the next.
  3. Have a drink every once in a while. A beer or a glass of wine may help you forget about some of the stressors. Just don’t overdo it with 10 drinks.
  4. Don’t work all the time. You’ll always have more work and if you complete everything, they’ll just give you more.
  5. Take a break. A 15 minute walk outside can really help re-energize you.
  6. Find your bliss. What makes you happy? Is it a Kit-Kat? Is it ice cream? Is it listening to Abba? Find it and make a point to enjoy it when you need it.
  7. Give in. You don’t have to be wrong, but you don’t have to fight to be right. Give in and let some things slide.
  8. Complain. I do believe that getting something off your chest is a great way to relieve stress. Talk to someone, get it out there, and maybe it’ll then just disappear.
  9. It’s not just you. You’re not alone. Everyone has stress and issues. They just do a good job of hiding them from everyone else.
  10. Believe in yourself. You rock, that’s all there is to it. Don’t let someone else, or worse yet yourself, get you down.

What do you have to add? What relaxes you?

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