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Are iPhones really that fragile?

We’re now proud owners of iPhones! I was actually able to walk into a Verizon store and get an iPhone 5 on Saturday. My wife has a 4S.

One of the things the Verizon guy told us was that the iPhone 4s was extremely fragile. Dropping it from 3 feet would make it explode. He wasn’t sure about the 5 yet, but he assumed it would be.

Now I’ve seen many pictures of iPhones with broken screens, but are they that bad? Worse than other phones?

I’ve had an iPod touch for years and it’s still in one piece.

He also said that Androids are pretty solid. Especially the Droid Incredibles we were coming from.

Based on his advice, we got cases. I would have eventually anyway, but I was hoping to get them on Amazon for cheaper.

He also talked us into the warranties. I’m thinking of dropping that though for the cheaper AppleCare+.

So is the iPhone really that breakable? More than other phones?

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  1. Kate Chan says:

    Put GhostArmor (front/back – sides peel off VERY easily) on your iPhone – it will save you, seriously. Speaking as someone whose iPhone has been dropped by my toddlers and myself on the garage floor, kitchen floor, etc – I’m positive this is why my iPhone still looks pristine.

    One BAD note, however: ghost armor makes HARD cases a difficult fit. I’m opting for a non-slide gel cover.

    And lastly: go with AppleCare – cheaper & MUCH BETTER tech help when/if you ever need it than Verizon who will just tell you to “send in your phone”.

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