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Safari & Leopard Font Issue

Safari Font IssueEver since I upgraded to Leopard, my Safari has had an odd font issue. I ignored it for a while and even once thought it was coded that way on websites. Now I’m just getting more annoyed.

Check out the screen shot I took from >

See how bold words are showing up in a weird font? I checked my appearance settings in Safari’s preferences and that looks OK. I’ve also used OnyX to run all maintenance scripts and that didn’t help either.

Firefox doesn’t have this issue and it doesn’t seem to happen on 10.4.x either. isn’t the only site that I’ve seen the problem, yet it doesn’t happen on all sites.

Thoughts? Ideas? Help?

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  1. Jim Trascapoulos says:

    One of the three fonts specified for the css STRONG property, Georgia, “Times New Roman” and Times, is at fault, primarily the BOLD version of one of those three fonts. The easy thing is to replace them with known-good versions from your backups or install DVDs

  2. Scott Fannen says:

    More likely to be a dodgy font cache. Use Onyx to delete your caches – or specifically the font caches (although doing all of them isn’t a bad thing). Sometimes, like webpage caches, the font caches get in a muddle.

    When you delete the (non-web) caches you should restart your Mac. It will take a longer time to start up as it has to rebuild a lot of caches but in future you should be back to normal speed.

    …that font does make your webpages look a lot more cheerful though 😉

  3. Jim Trascapoulos says:

    Yep – looking back at the original post, you don’t say that you’ve cleared all caches (when I run Onyx, I flush everything). Additionally, are you still using a font manager to, like FontExplorer X or Suitcase? (FontExplorer X hasn’t received an upgrade to 10.5, but I believe Suitcase has) – this can be a source of funky font caching too.

  4. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the input guys. It turns out that FontBook was reporting an issue with the Georgia font. I somehow fixed it within FontBook and now it’s all good. However, I have 25 other minor font problems according to FontBook. Now I just have to figure out how to fix them.

  5. mark says:

    this is great! clearing the font cache did the trick for me, removing the ugly bold Georgia font and replacing the more typical font i am used to seeing on pages. thanks!

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