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Stainless – A Mac Browser With Unique Features

Sometimes I like Safari, sometimes Firefox, Camino, Chrome or one of the others. I like to try out different browsers in hopes that I’ll find that one I love.

One browser I’ve started really liking is Stainless. Stainless is a Mac browser that runs off of Safari’s rendering engine, but has its own personality.

Stainless Web Browser

Stainless features include:

Sidebar Bookmarks
The bookmarks are in a vertical bar on the left side of the screen and they are just favicons so they take up much less room. It’s a new approach to bookmarks that focuses on the favicon and I love it.

Private Browsing
All browsers seem to be hopping the private train lately and Stainless is right there with them. You can have private sessions where no tracks are left behind when you are done.

Single Session Tabs
This means you can login to the same site with multiple accounts in multiple tabs. Two Gmail accounts, multiple Twitter accounts, you name it. This is the only browser that has this ability as far as I’m aware and it’s one of my favorite features.

Individual Process Tabs
Meaning each tab is independent of other tabs. If one crashes, the others remain in working order. Chrome was the first to come out with this idea and most other browsers are still trying integrate this functionality.

Tabs at the Top
Safari tried to pull this off and failed, but Stainless seems to have it down without issues.

Cookie Management
Stainless has a nice cookie management option that allows the browser to toss out any cookies for sites that are not bookmarked. Still not as nice as picking and choosing what cookies to keep, but it’s better than all or none.

Search from Address Bar
I’m not a fan of having an additional search box when the address bar can do the same thing. Much like Google Chrome, Stainless allows a user to put keywords into the address bar and it’ll search Google instead of throwing an error.

Better Tab Management
Stainless has the ability to open new windows in tabs and opening child tabs next to the parent. This really helps keep your browser window organized.

Hidden Status Bar
The status bar shows you only what you need to see when you need to see it. It’s not always visible taking up screen real estate.

There are no themes yet, but it’s rumored that they are coming.

Colored Page Source With Line Numbers
For developers, it’s nice to see color coded source code and line numbers to help dig though code. ┬áIt also includes Safari’s web inspector which is also very valuable for reverse engineering HTML code.

Overall I’m a fan of Stainless. It’s got a lot of nice features and is adding more all the time.

Stainless is a free browser for the Mac and it’s definitely worth checking out. Visit to download.

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  1. madBOX20 says:

    i was all prepared to try this out. but sadly, after downloading it i realized its not compatible with my version of OSX. too bad

  1. 5/17/2010

    […] to do this as it continues to use all your cookies from non-private session.If you are on a Mac, Stainless allows for multiple single session tabs and does it much nicer than the other browsers. However, […]

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