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Use Google Chrome’s Private Browsing To Login To Multiple Accounts

Google Chrome WindowIf you’re like me and you need to access multiple accounts on the same service, like different Gmail or Twitter accounts, on a daily basis, logging in and out gets to be a pain. You could always just open up a¬†different¬†browser, but that’s annoying too.

Google Chrome however has a good work around as you can use private browsing to login to multiple accounts without ever having to log out of your current account.

Basically, when you start a new incognito (private) window in Google Chrome, you get a fresh start. You’re not logged into anything which is very handy. You can then log into a different Google, Twitter, Facebook or whatever account you want to.

This also works in Opera the same as it does in Chrome. Firefox can do it too, however it hides your main window until you are done with your private session which isn’t as nice. Safari on the other hand is unable to do this as it continues to use all your cookies from non-private session.

If you are on a Mac, Stainless allows for multiple single session tabs and does it much nicer than the other browsers. However, the Stainless browser is still in development and a little rough around the edges.

Single session windows are a very handy feature and can be quite a time saver as compared to logging out and into multiple accounts.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try.

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  1. chris dohman says:

    hi thomas,

    i wanted this chrome incognito method to work before but last time i checked you have to open a new “window” like you say, and not just by opening a new tab. i wish tabs were really isolated from each other and didn’t rely on the same cookies so you could have multiple accts open in separate tabs. to me opening a new window is just like opening a different browser like ff….fail.

    wish twitter would step up and create a way to handle multiple accts. anyone who has multiple accts with most places, even google, knows multiple accts are rarely handled well.

    • Thomas says:

      If you’re on a Mac, then check out Stainless and it’d more than likely meet your needs. But you’re right, no one works well with multiple accounts.

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