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Safari 7 & the New Webkit Inspector

Yesterday I wrote about how I was hoping for an awesome new Safari 7 at WWDC. The good news is that it was talked about, but it’s those little features like reopen closed tabs and private browsing that I won’t know about until I get to use it.

I was informed however that the upgraded web inspector is in the works and you can actually test it now in WebKit.

Webkit Web Inspector

As you can see, they added icons and labels so developers can better understand what the options are. At quick glance, there appears to be some nice new features as well. I haven’t tested them yet, but the overall look makes it feel so much better.

The new web inspector has done a great deal with UX and that’s going to make a lot of web developers happy. In my brief tests, it works well and is intuitive again.

I bet that everyone will get this once Safari 7 comes out, but if you want it sooner, check out the Webkit nightly builds.

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