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aFox – A Mac Firefox Theme With Style

Ever wish Firefox was a bit more stylish on the Mac? Now it can be.

aFox is a Mac Firefox theme that creates a translucent, simplified interface that’s it’s all done with CSS.

aFox Mac Firefox Theme

If you’d like to grab a copy of aFox, head over to UserStyles and install it. You’ll need to make sure to have the Stylish extension first however.

This only works in Firefox and I’ve only tested it on a Mac. I don’t assume it’ll work in anything else.

Let me know what bugs you find as I’m sure there will be some. Tweet @TwisterMc or leave a comment below.

For those that don’t know, I use to create Firefox themes. However, they were very time-consuming and I eventually had other things to do so I quit. Turns out now I can do them with just bit of CSS and that cuts down the time considerably. Maybe I’ll make more, maybe I wont.

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  1. roclejabac says:

    Is this the theme that is being used here in this screenshot?

    It looks kind of the same, but then again kind of different on my Mac.

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