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How to enable Firefox’s built in minimal theme and dark theme.

Did you know that Firefox has a little hidden secret under the hood? It has a very nice minimal theme that comes in light and dark versions.

Firefox Minimal Theme

Update: The config setting is gone. However, this extension will help. It only works with dark mode though.

To enable it, open Firefox and type about:config in address bar and hit enter.

More than likely you’ll get a warning and just say that you’ll be careful.

Once you’re in, enter browser.devedition.theme.enabled in the config search box and then double-click it to enable it.

Firefox’s minimal theme should now be enabled. If it’s not the color you want, type devtools.theme in the config search box, double-click on it, and switch the value from light to dark or vice versa.

That’s it. Enjoy the minimal, beautiful version of Firefox!

To un-do the changes, just go back into the config and double-click on browser.devedition.theme.enabled.

This works in the latest version of Firefox. I’ve done it on the Mac, and I’m pretty sure it’ll work on Windows too. Linux? Why not?

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  1. james sands says:

    Sorry to bug you but Firefox 42.0 on Mac OSX doesnt show that pref in about:config.
    devtools.theme is there but not browser.devedition.theme.enabled.

    Any suggestions ?

  2. James Sands says:

    Thank you very much !!!!!!

  3. Bloc says:

    Thanks a lot !

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