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Add a few Safari like features to Firefox; back previews and swipe to see all tabs.

Firefox is a great browser and it’s amazing how much you can hack it. I’ve shown you how to enable the dark and minimal themes and just recently figured out two more nice features.

First, back previews.

Swipe Gesture Tab Preview

If you use a trackpad you probably know you can use the swipe gesture to go back in Firefox. However, Firefox shows an empty page as it reveals what you’re going back to. It’s not a preview of what you’re going back to like in Safari. The good news is, it’s just a setting away.

In Firefox’s address bar, type about:config, then agree to be careful. Now search for browser.snapshots.limit and change the value to any number. I picked 25.

Now when you swipe to go back, you should get an image preview. If not, restart Firefox. It’s not prefect, but it’s kind of nice to see what page you’re going back to.

Second, Show All Tabs by using two fingers to pinch in.

Tab Previews

Again, this is a feature of Safari and it’s fantastic when you have a lot of tabs open. Firefox has a similar feature to see all open tabs, but it’s not mapped to a gesture. Easy to update that though.

In Firefox’s address bar, type about:config, then agree to be careful. Search for pinch and you’ll see and you can set that to Browser:ToggleTabView. You can also set browser.gesture.pinch.out to Browser:ToggleTabView as well so it goes back to where it started if you do it twice in a row.

Viewing all open tabs is something I greatly miss in Chrome and yet Safari has it perfectly. Firefox’s implementation is pretty nice.

One of the things I really like about Firefox is how you can customize it much more than any other browser. I remember why we all loved it back in the day and it may be time to give it another spin.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Thank you so much!! Was looking for that for a long time.

  2. Rasmus says:

    Now that TabGroups is gone – is there still a way to show a preview of all tabs in Firefox like safari does it?

    • Thomas says:

      Yes. There is a tab group add on.

      • Rasmus says:

        I have now installet the simplified tab group add on, and I have written “Browser:ToggleTabView” in “” and “browser.gesture.pinch.out” … still nothing happens when i pinch on the mouse pad or click the icon for simplified tab group-add on.

        Any idea why its not working?

        • Thomas says:

          Not sure if the pinch to Zoom is working anymore since it moved to an extension. The addon author would have to integrate gestures. For the clicking of the icon, go into the addon options and uncheck the two checkboxes under Toolbar Button. The addon author is adding features which don’t seem as handy. You can also set a keyboard shortcut there too.

          • Rasmus says:

            OK. Just did that – well I unchecked all there is to uncheck in the preferences of the Simple Tab Group addon, but still nothing happens when I click the icon.

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