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Do Everyone A Favor And Share The Source

Social IconsIt’s a little bit annoying when you follow a link on Twitter or Facebook only to be taken to a site that summarizes the story, then makes you click though to the source with the full story.

I think we need to do everyone a favor and share the source.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of big sites out there┬áthat collect and re-post great information. Sites like TechCrunch, CrunchGear, TUAW, LifeHacker, Gizmodo and so many more do a good job of giving the smaller sites added exposure, but they are also stealing it away.

Next time you’re at one of these sites, and decide to share a story, click-through to the source website and re-tweet or like that URL; not the TechCrunch one.

Not only will you be giving the content publishers additional exposure, you’ll also be giving your users a direct link to the content you’re promoting.

I think that’s called win win. ­čÖé

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