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I am not a spammer.

It seems that something or someone found a hole one in one of my WordPress installs and started sending out spam early this morning. My host then shut me down completely and this site was suspended for several hours on Sunday because I was spamming. 🙁

We are back up and running now but not out of the woods. I sincerely apologize to anyone who feels that I spammed them.  I didn’t.  I don’t really know what happened but I HOPE it’s all better now.

If we go down again, that’s probably why. I’m working to fix any issues I can and as soon as I can. However, without knowing how they did it, I can’t for sure say that I fix it.


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  1. Artropolis says:

    Sorry to hear it Thomas – Spammers are just plain evil – they should be hung up by their toenails. PS – thanks for the StumbleUpon link… I’ve already discovered some great sites!


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