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extero Firefox Theme – Preview 1

My latest Firefox theme is entitled extero and you can install a preview of it today!

What’s different about extero? The main thing is the tab bar. It was designed to bring the tab bar to the front. It’s kind of hard to explain, so you’ll have to check it out. extero also uses dots instead of little arrows for menus and, back by popular demand, the close button is on the left.

Granted, it’s not finished in my mind yet. I’m unsatisfied with the right click menus and am torn on what to do. If I leave them black, I have to get rid of the border somehow. If I change them, what to?

A HUGE thank you goes out to Jonas Rask Design who created, then gave away, the icons used in extero. Without them, this theme wouldn’t look half as good.

As the progress of extero slows down as it nears competition, I thought I’d give a public preview. Feedback is welcome! Enjoy.


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  1. Steven Moncivais says:

    Okay, so far so good.
    The tabbar does stand out quite a bit.
    I’m not so certain out the icons, though…
    I was thinking about the menus…
    I love the border, but if you were change the color of the menus to a medium gray or something, that will make the menus somewhat more readable.

  2. MacDeviant says:


    Your FF theme does not install on FF – Mac OS 10.4.10. Any suggestions?


  3. Thomas says:

    MacDeviant – What error are you getting? I’m in the same OS and not having any issues.

  4. MacDeviant says:


    After Extero installs, I have to force FF to restart and when I do Extero is not under Add-ons. I have tried several times to install Extero off Twistermc without any success.

  5. Thomas says:

    Download it from here, then open the addon’s window and drag it from your desktop to the addon’s window. See if that helps.

  6. MacDeviant says:

    No that didn’t make it install either. I’m going to download a fresh copy of FF and see what happens. Thank you for all your help. I’ll let you know what happens.

  7. Wallace (MacDeviant) says:

    Please download the screenshot and look at the tabs. I think they are larger than they are suppose to be, imho. Also, I have a difficult time double-clicking to add a clean tab. I have to double-click a few times before the tab displays. I did have to do a clean install of FF as my previous install was lagging and crashing.


  8. jeff says:

    I just think that the highlight color should be a softer blue like in the ballpark of #8BA9C1 or something. I like them black though.

  9. Thomas says:

    extero is in Mozilla’s sandbox. If you could review it there that’d help me get it public. 🙂


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