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Things Learned at the 2008 MIMA Holiday Party

MIMA LogoAnother fun MIMA event has come and gone.  This time it was the 2008 Holiday party.  In talking with some people, here are a few things that were learned.

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO – I had an fun talk with a kid who goes to the UofM and does Black Hat SEO.  He said he didn’t have the patients for doing things the right way, he just like making things happen now.  A lady at our table asked us the difference between what we do, as it sounded pretty much the same, and I said, “He does it fast, I last longer.”  Tell that to a lady who’s had a few glass’ of wine and her mind will connect something else and we all had a good laugh.

Where your name tag goes – Did you know your name tag goes on the right side of your shirt?  That was news to me and I was made aware buy a lady who said she secretly laughs at all those that put it on the left.  She even threatened to walk around and inform all those who were improperly wearing their name tags.  I think the wine as making her a bit happy too, but she denied that.  Fun conversations though.

Cough when you sleep? Prop yourself up. I got into a conversation about how everyone was getting sick.  I mentioned that my wife had a bad cough when she talked on the phone or slept but other than that wasn’t really sick.  Someone mentioned that they recently had that bug and offered up the advice that if you prop yourself up a bit with an extra pillow at night, you’ll cough less and sleep better.  We tried it out and it seemed to work.  Great advice!

The question of the night came from another lady that asked me if social networking was really valuable.  Does making a lot of connections with people you’ll never really meet make a difference?  Wouldn’t it be better to have 5 face to face contacts instead of 50 virtual contacts that you don’t really know?  It was a very good conversation and there is no real clear answer.  Yea I have a lot of Twitter contacts, but I only really know a small handful.  Then there are those who’s opinion I value, even though I’ll probably never meet them.  Then there are the rest.  Is all this virtual networking really doing anyone any good?  It’s really all in how you look at it I guess.

There were no MIMA gifts, not that I expected any, other than a free drink and food which is good enough for me. Actually my biggest gift I got for myself. I parked underground and the parking garage was probably in the 50s.  By the time the MIMA event was over, my car was snow and ice free!!!!  That made my night right there.

As always, the MIMA events are a fun way to get out and connect with others.  Some of them are in your industry, some of them are you competition and others are just there to have fun and make interesting conversation.

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