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Search Algorithms: Patent Files

My first session today was on search engine patents; what they mean an how they relate. It was pointed out that every search engine knows that SEO’s and competitors will read these patents and so they know to disclose only what is necessary. Here are a few pointers from the conference. Search Engines can see […]

Morning Sessions

So far the morning sessions have been ok. The first one was about search engine patents and the second about audio and video searches. I was hoping for more podcast information that I received but it was still. So much that I can write about from the patent session but internet access is limited during […]

Here and Signed In

Well I’m here and all signed in. Not a whole lot of people here yet and I don’t see breakfast. But I did get a bag of materials for the conference and a free t-shirt.

Switching to PC…

… but not for long. As I’m in San Jose this week for Search Engine Strategies, I’m using a PC to keep up on work and stay connected to the world. Can one live without email? 😉 So far my PC experience has been well. I’m on Windows 2000 and it’s an older machine but […]

Off to San Jose

I’m off to my first conference, Search Engine Strategies Summer 2005 in San Jose. I’ll get to learn more about search engine marketing & optimization. Should be a lot of fun. Especially the Yahoo’s Search Night Off where we get to go to Paramount’s Great America and Google’s party; GoogleDance. I’ll be learning a lot […]

Three Firefox Extensions from Google

Google announced three different extensions for Firefox yesterday; Google Toolbar, Send to Phone and Google Suggest. So far I’ve installed the toolbar and it works pretty good. Comes with a spell check feature that is quite nice and handy. Plus it has AutoLink and a form filler which I haven’t played with yet. Except for […]

Favelet Suite – The Power of Bookmarkletts

If you don’t know what a bookmarklette is, it’s a piece of javascript that you bookmark and invoke on a page. They can do things like highlight text, show nofollow links, create Technorati tags, count words and more. Well I just found the coolest one yet! It’s called Favelete Suite. Once you invoke it, it […]

Yahoo 360

So they launched Yahoo 360 today and I got my hands on an invite and have just started playing with it. You can check out my Yahoo 360 page. So far, I’m having trouble getting the short url to work, however I did write support. Not much to talk about yet as I’ve only had […]

ListingCorp Scam

I received a letter the other day from It says that one of my domains has received some search engine listings service and I owe $35. Now, I knew that something couldn’t be right, however this looks exactly like a bill. It tells me the amounts, what they are for, my customer number, notice […]

Take that referrer spam.

Now I’m not exactly sure how referrer spam works, but I don’t seem to like it. I keep getting hits from sites that aren’t linking to me legitly and are doing nothing but filling my stats with crap. Now I have a chance to defend myself. I just found a referrer bouncer plug-for WordPress and […]