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SES 2005 – Review & Photos

Just a week ago I was off to my first Search Engine Strategies Conference and as I look back, it was a great time. There was so much information floating around that it was hard not to miss some pieces here and there. From the new definition of RSS – Really Simple Stealing – go […]

Official Google Dance Pictures

Google has posted the official 2005 Google Dance pictures. I looked and didn’t see myself. Do you see yourself?

SES 2005

I made it home safe and sound, barely. I found myself cutting it close getting to the airport once. 😉 I have so much information to share but the weekend is filled up with family stuff so I’ll try to post it as the week goes on. All in all it was a good conference […]

Met Stuntdubl – Day 3

I got to meet Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl tonight and Justilien Gaspard (I think that’s right as I don’t seem to have a business card) from Both are really nice guys and I enjoyed talking with and getting to know the business from their point of view. Both gave me some great information and […]

GoogleDance 2005

It was my first GoogleDance and it sure was a lot of fun. Google gave us free pop, water, beer and wine to drink. There was everything from hot dogs to shrimp, soft pretzels, beer nuts and some cheesy potatoes to eat. For desert you could grab a root beer float, cookies, bars or Cold […]

Day 2 & GoogleDance

Just got back from the GoogleDance and it was a lot of fun. Got pictures too. I know I haven’t gotten any posts up today but I’ve been busy. Hopefully more information tomorrow.

Yahoo Search Night Off

Yahoo Search Night Off was a lot of fun. They rented out Paramounts Great America and we were given free food, drinks, ice cream and rides! I only made it on three rides, however they were fun rides. Especially when riding in the front of the Top Gun roller coaster. Inverting was cool too 😀

Competitive Research

My last session of the day was on competitive research. Knowing what your competitor is doing can help you out. Things to watch include: Alexia – Check stats, traffic and analyze links PPC – See what competitors are bidding on or optimizing or Market Leap to check backlinks Use email alerts to keep track of […]

Personalized Search & Search History

Another session I was looking forward to but not really impressed with. It was mainly about Yahoo, Google, Ask and A9 talking about their personalized search and search history services. How they worked, how they can improve your personal search and things like that. No real information on how they would effect regular search results […]

Video and Podcast Search

I was a little disappointed at this one, however it was still quite interesting. They spend most of the time talking about video searches and no time talking about how to create Podcasts like I was hoping they would. Blinks has the best service because they have software that actually listens to every Podcast and […]