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They launched a new and it’s almost all in Flash! It’s amazing that such a large company would use a format that wasn’t as search engine friendly as HTML. At the same time, it’s good that someone is showcasing what Flash can do. It’s not all about moving things around the screen. What they didn’t launch is the new Netscape 8.0. I’m eagerly awaiting the download and I’ll be looking every day. 😀

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  1. Thomas says:

    Wow. That Road Runner site looks pretty sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  2. formisempty says:

    I think its cool to see a company go that direction…though in this case poorly executed in terms of fonts, design, layout, graphics, etc.

    Flash has a lot more to offer than moving text 😉

    check out:

    Another big site beta testing all flash.

  3. Bill says:

    My letter to Netscape

    Hi Netscape,

    I called 866-541-8233 to disconnect my service and I thought I would have a very pleasant experience like I’ve have had with other utilities when I notified them I wanted to disconnect

    Your charging me a disconnect fee. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING.
    My other utilities do not charge a disconnect fee.

    You block popups from other sites but you annoy people with your own popup.

    E-Mail. When I compose a message and I hit enter it will double space.
    NO word processor double spaces when you hit enter.

    I have sent several comments to you but you did not have the courtesy to acknowledge my E- Mails

    Therefore I will tell every one I know about the wonderful experience I’ve had with

    Before you screwed every thing up with Netscape 8.1. The old Netscape 7.1 worked fine.
    I could save my urls by going into Netscape file and save the folder “Bookmarks” to disk.
    I had local control.

    I guess you won’t acknowledge this letter either. I’ll look for a blog.

    After going thru all this, I still have to call on the 20th to disconnect.
    All other utilities will accept a future disconnect date.

    Bill Hoey

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