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Some Useful Sites

Every day someone comes along with a new site that helps you do something new. Well lately I’ve found a few sites that I like and find useful so I thought I’d share.

Technorati – Mainly blog posts, this site has the most up to date information available. Search for something that was on TV 10 minutes ago and you might find information on it. It’s really useful and fun. They also are tagging the web so that you can find information on certain topics easier than a regular search engine. – The idea here was to create a central bookmark page that was accessible from anywhere. Useful yes, but it got replaced with Furl.

Furl – Great, centralized bookmark spot. You can have public and private bookmarks, separate them into categories, tag them, search them and more. Very helpful and fun. You just need to change the titles of the pages you bookmark or else it’ll be a little harder to find what you need. Oh and your sites are then available in RSS for posting anywhere. Humm maybe I should make a new links page for my site.

Flicker – Easy to use, photo uploading site. It allows me to upload and tag any jpegs I want and I can then use them for other sites, like this blog. At first I was skeptical but now I think it’s awesome. It also has Mac and PC programs to upload images directly from your harddrive. Hopefully you’ll see some more graphic in my blog in the future.

TaDa List – The most simplistic and well designed to do list on the web. No clutter, advertising, heck hardly even any page refreshes. This is a great place to keep track of things you have to do. Your lists are available in RSS too.

All services I mentioned here are free and can be very useful if you are looking for some sites to help you out.

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