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ListingCorp Scam

I received a letter the other day from It says that one of my domains has received some search engine listings service and I owe $35. Now, I knew that something couldn’t be right, however this looks exactly like a bill. It tells me the amounts, what they are for, my customer number, notice date and who to make out the check too. However it does say that it is not a bill if you read everything. They just made it to look like a bill to confuse the general public. Not only that, but the domain name on the bill is not for one of my sites, however it’s really close. They put .info instead of .com. At first I didn’t notice that, however they are expecting that you overlook that minor detail. I’m guessing that that is the only site I don’t have privacy protected.

They did a really good job of making this look like a bill and probably will continue to scam money out of people. However, if you get a letter like this please don’t pay them. Con artist shouldn’t be able to get away with it.

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  1. SEO says:

    Received the same letter today making the claim of “search engine submission services”. I was getting these by fax.
    Since disconnecting the fax, this letter shows up.

  2. JW says:

    I got one too, correctly listing my domain name. I filled out the US Postal Service fraud report at

  3. Tracy says:

    Got a letter too. Very annoying.

  4. Eric Birk says:

    I received this letter also. I didn’t fall for it, but it made me wonder. What about all of the small mom and pop businesses that have no Internet knowledge, and had a small time website designer come in and build them a website? Legitimate of course, and so would be the bills from whoever hosts their new site. I fear that these are the people this scam is really targeting, because to an unsuspecting website client in a small business, this would appear to be a legit bill.
    One of your previous letters reported it as mail fraud, which I believe that it is. I also believe that I will report it to the better business bureau.

    Eric B.

    • marie says:

      We hadstarted a investigation ourselves on email fraud and scams;;; it is calles TKE HANDS.
      Because many people is suffering under these unhuman-people who has no feelings no matter what inocent people and the poor go through.
      They are craul have no principle,s-what so ever-they have huge sindicates in South Africa- and abroad;
      Get richer by the day-WHY- becauese the the LAW does not apply to them.They think they would be safe-not so- many off these socalled sindicates is fedup and as soon as they know that their identity,s is now known by many-they start to talk and give info they sing like birds. We know the REAL names off these LADS-BOSSES.And it our aim to get them one by one.
      Although they think-they are safe from jail and worse-they are not.
      And be asured-there are people who is also not scared off their socalled influance and in controll-off many.
      Let them use all the money-they took-so blatantly-and bail themselfes out off jail-
      There is so many poor people and yet these B are living around us in leasure- well we are creeping slowly towards there places where they operating from with the help-off there socalled friends.
      Enjoy-not for long111
      Mr MONTEZ

  5. I just got in the letter today. It is a good thing I proof all my bills before my accountant sends them, because I almost got scammed. I decided to check online to see who they were since they did not include a phone number on there “bill”. Just more junk mail to keep my eye on. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Lee says:

    Got the same fake bill today. Funny thing was I checked to see what search engines was found in, since
    they help submit your web site to 20 top search engines, and found that their own web site wasn’t even listed in half of
    them. I hate scam artists!

  7. Pam Wendall says:

    I got the same letter/bill this week. I am one of those small home businesses who had someone build me a website,
    but am smart enough to check it out before falling into their trap. I thank all of you for your replies to this letter.

  8. Noelle says:

    Hi, I received the same thing yesterday. It did correctly list my domain, I think I’ll go ahead and file that postal service mail frod complaint. Also, I would like to file a complaint to the better business buro, but don’t know how to go about doing that.

  9. Debby says:

    I received the same letter from today with my domain listed at the top. Like you said, the letter is VERY deceiving and from it’s appearance it looks like a bill. Hopefully people will read it before forwarding a check. If people read the letter it states; “This is not a bill. This is a solicitation. You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated above unless you accept this offer.” Still, I would never trust an offer received in this manner. They should be forced to change the looks of their subscription offer.

    It reminds me of the junk I receive in the mail stating I’M A WINNER and there’s a phony check for thousands of dollars enclosed. All I have to do is subscribe to some magazines and maybe, just maybe the winner will be me. NOT!

  10. Mellow Hale says:

    I just recieved this letter/bill today. I have to agree with the people here that say Listing Corp needs a new solicitation method, but I don’t think it’s a scam of any kind. It DOES say that it’s not a bill, so if someone is careless enough to not read all the information and send a check to them, it’s entirely their own fault.

  11. Big P says:

    I just got my today. HAHA
    This is SCAM writen all over.
    If someone is careless enough and send in a check, for sure they’ll cash the check. and they’ll run a script on
    their home computer and does the domain submission and etc.
    HEY they did the service! HAHA

  12. I just received teh same letter and I thought it was real. Thank goodness for my e-pro designation and I tried to log
    their website with no luck. Instead I found this saying it was a SCAM. There is no phone number also which alerts
    me that this is phoney. Thanks

  13. Steve W. says:

    We got one too at our business…This, like the others here have stated is a scam…A clever one at that, making the invoice look official enough to get the desired knee-jerk reaction out of the non-initiated…I did check with our webmaster just to be sure, and he stated the same…

    Good thing though…The dunderheads left a physical address to investigate…I am sure it’ll be a dead end very soon with the amount of attention they are getting…

    But I am sure the very same people will set up another system like this in the very near future…

    Be safe and aware folks…

  14. Mike E. says:

    I too received one of these SCAM bills from these cons. Just imagine if a few hundred people paid these jerks $35.00,
    they would be filthy rich. I instantly checked the web for information on this company and found postings like this one.
    After reading all of your complaints, I decided to call the postal inspectors to report these frauds. I suggest everyone
    who receives a fraudulant bill, report it to USPS, FBI, Attorney General & any other organization to stop these assh**es!

    Keep on Keepin’ on !

  15. Peter H says:

    Yup, I got one also. I’ve been searching for their phone number without success. I am going take the time to file a fraud report complaint with the Postal Inspector and NY BBB. Can’t let them get away with this stuff!

  16. Bilal M says:

    Got this same letter in the mail and thought it was from my website provider then I thought I’m paid up for years to come. These guys are a bunch of con artist. If you want to advertise get google adwords.

  17. Tyler R says:

    Got this today. However for me it was asking for $47.50
    The URL for the USPS fraud report is:
    You must have Adobe Acrobat to load it.

  18. DJCarr says:

    I recieved this letter that very much resembles a bill. Being a novice at this web site business, I thought at frist it was
    real and I didn’t pay for my domain name or something. Then I thought it was from the company that helped me start
    my site. When I read it carefully, I saw the statement that it was not a bill. But it got my interst and I was going to the
    site. This page was frist in order. I’m really glad that you people are out there to help people like myself. I guess this
    was my “Web site 101” class. Thanks!

  19. Thomas says:

    Glad to be of help. Save you're pennies for better online services.

  20. Joe says:

    I just got one, correct domain name, $59.95 – looks like the price is going up ;-> You can complain, but it looks like it won’t do much help – here’s a snippet from, who got the same type of thing from an, same disclaimer on the document: “I filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Postal Service. They contacted the company and they sent me a letter. Unfortunately they are just within the LETTER of the law, Title 39, United States code, sec.3001, nonmailable matter paragraph (d) section (a) and (b). The law merely states they must place the dislaimer in bold letters and it must have certain wording. The law needs to be changed to have the disclaimer placed at the beginning of the solicitation rather than on the reverse side of if. Not sure BBB can help, might need legislation.”

  21. Jim Wingate says:

    I just gone one of these letters today. Because of a fiasco I had with another company called National Business Information ion Exchange (NBIE) a couple of years ago, I read these types of things very carefully. NBIE was a “business directly listing service” that was nothing but a huge scam operating on the very edge of legitimacy. I noted that in the middle the letter from very clearly states THIS IS NOT A BILL and goes on to say it is a solicitation and you are under no obligation to pay unless you accept the offer. I do, however, agree, that it is obviously designed to make people think they’ve subscribed to a website listing service and to think they now owe a bill for $47.50. I am sure they will scam a lot of people and make boat loads of money.

  22. Tim Anderson says:

    I just received my letter today saying that I owed 47.50 for submitting a website that belonged to a client of mine. If I
    wanted the services all I had to do was send them payment by check and include the customer activation code. After
    seeing their website something didn’t feel right so I did a search and found you guy’s. I am glad I did the search.

  23. Mark Lewis says:

    The address on my letter says West Broadway NYC aka financial scam row. A familiar district to anyone aware of previous computer scams. Any one live in NY who received this letter? A goog one for Elliot Spitzer…

  24. I received the same letter in July 2005. I purchased the domain name simply for email us. However, I maintain another website that I would like to purchase this service for. I have contacted Listing Corp. three times and never have received a letter about this website. I never have found a phone number to contact them. I agree with everyone else, this is a SCAM. I am glad I did not send them any money.

  25. Pete says:

    got letter today; filed on line complaint. thanks to others who suggested I do so.

  26. Brad says:

    I got a letter today also. I actually have 2. one being from which actually has a nice website but not to legit with theie no phone number. My letter looks exactly like a bill and says please make checks payable to. And says it is for re listing my domain name.
    The secound bill is from a company called liberty names and is for a range from 25-85 dollrs. i wish that these people would not even waist my time i have real website issues to deal with.
    if anyone can actually help me with this dilema.
    my email is [email protected] and i am a office manager at a small company so. please only email me if you can give me a pointer on this.

  27. S Tran says:

    Just bougt the Salon on Nov. 1-2005 in Northern Virginia, Somehow this FRAUD, SCAM Called Listingcorp (Stupid enough that without phone # so people can contact w/ them) get my domain name and send me the bill for $35.00
    My wife almost falls in their trap. We need to stop this TRASH.

  28. Jim Daniels says:

    Got same letter today(12/07/05) ALMOST fell for it

  29. Steven M says:

    My 11 year old son received there letter yesterday which looked like an invoice. He was scared and crying when he showed it to me thinking I was going to be upset and mad at him. He told me he didn’t sign up for anything and maybe pushed the wrong keys at some point. I assured him that he didn’t do anything wrong and that there are some bad people in the world who try and take advantage of people.

    Does anyone out here know of a site for me to file a complaint in regards to having a “Minor” getting this letter. From what I’ve read in hear, the wording of the letter is legal but unethical, but now I believe they have just crossed the line.

    Any info would be of great help

  30. Thomas says:

    Wow, Steven. I feel bad for your son! I know how he must have felt getting a bill and thinking he’s going to get in trouble. I’d start with the Better Business Bureau – – and go from there. Maybe they can help. You’re right, this is more unethical than illegal but I’m not sure how that works when you tie in a minor.

  31. Ron says:

    I received the LISTINGCORP.COM scam invoice/letter today. Perhaps an investigative journalist will take an interest in these crooks and put some pressure on them. I would love to see these frauds on tv running from a microphone!

  32. Stewart says:

    I got one too. Almost paid it until I saw the part where it said they were going to submit 8 keyword and phrases – I have more than 8 keywords for sure! Read closer and found the part that says it is not a bill.

    I just filed a complaint with the BBB for questionable selling practices.

  33. bklynyute says:

    I almost fell into this. Really thought it could help, but I always look for a contact number before I give someone my money. Unless it’s known to be well established.

    I wonder how much money these guys really made of this.

  34. Bob A. says:

    I got this today as well. I called my web provider and was on hold when I realized this was a scam. Some people have a lot of nerve. Just imagine how many poor people pay these thieves. Yes the are common criminals, but they think becasue they are using the mail and not a gun it is ok. I suggest we all take these bills to the post office and let the goverment do thier jobs. Put these slobs in prison with muderers and rapists.

  35. William says:

    I got one for $47.50. I managed to find their phone number in the WHOIS database, but there’s no area code attached. For the area, I’m guessing it’s either 917 or 212.

    I get up early. It was almost 5am when I picked up the phone to dial the number. Then I realized that they probably lied about the phone number.

    I also doubt that they send these notices to folks in NY, due to the chance that somebody might show up at their door.

    HOWEVER, I have family in NYC, and I’m only a couple of hours away. I’m thinking about going for a visit…

  36. George says:

    Don’t bother visiting any of these folks, they’re pretty much all mail drops at The UPS Store. I’m sure The UPS Store is going to get a big black eye from this once someone in the media goes public with it.

  37. John says:

    Hello All,

    I’m a reporter looking into this matter. I’m trying to connect with people willing to share their story about this company. I’m very eager to speak with people who may have accidentally paid Listingcorp money.

    Please contact me at [email protected] to get the ball rolling on talking…



  38. JP says:

    Thanks for the notice! I also filled an USPS complaint, thank you for the URL!


  39. Ron says:

    I received the same thing 3/14/06. Thank you for your info. RB

  40. Tor says:

    got this crap on my mail saying I old 35 bucks for my website…first I thought WTF…i don’t remember signing up for anything gay like this…then I serach it, found your page, and very happy it’s a scam…almost lost 35 bucks.

  41. dave says:

    here is something i don’t think has been mentioned…how is it that listingcorp gets our addresses?

    i registed with yahoo and then got the listingcorp scam letter.

    maybe yahoo should be contacted.

    just an idea.

    ciao….best of luck all.


  42. Thomas says:

    Dave, if you don’t protect your domain registration information, it’s available for the public. It’s not an issue with Yahoo, all domain registration places do that.

  43. Bn Cobra Says: says:

    I also received this foul solicitation in the mail. I just want to thank all that posted this valuable warning information alerting everyone. I ask that everyone go to and assist me in posting information regarding this SCAM that Listingcorp is trying to run on people and businesses. Thanks BCJ

  44. Namira says:

    Just FYI for all of you …. this “ListingCorp” company has done their homework. It specifically says on the USPS fraud awareness website that solicitors CAN send mail disguised as invoices as long as they follow certain requirements, as this:

    “Title 39, United States Code, Section 3001, makes it illegal to mail a solicitation in the form of an invoice, bill, or statement of account due unless it conspicuously bears a notice on its face that it is, in fact, merely a solicitation. This disclaimer must be in very large (at least 30-point) type and must be in boldface capital letters in a color that contrasts prominently with the background against which it appears. The disclaimer must not be modified, qualified, or explained, such as with the phrase “Legal notice required by law.” It must be the one prescribed in the statute, or alternatively, the following notice prescribed by the U.S. Postal Service: THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A SOLICITATION. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PAY THE AMOUNT STATED ABOVE UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THIS OFFER.”

    So, legally, there’s nothing we can do to stop these scumbags. Just get the word out NOT to pay them anything!! 🙂

  45. Screff says:

    Even though this is probably legal I filed a complaint with the ftc anyways because it’s annoying. You can file complaints at assuming you’re a US Citizen.

  46. Catherine says:

    I opened this scam letter yesterday took one look at it – googled it: no such webste, went to to look for the company: no such company. Today I googled “ListingCorp” and bingo…came to this website. It is a very good thing that I didn’t pay $65.00 for this “service”, because I did read the large print of “this is not a bill” etc. Thanks for the confirmation of the scam letter. I am going to report this to ftc and usps.

  47. jullian says:

    I recieved the same letter today. I am not hosted. Where did they get my information from!!!! They got it from Network Solutions. That is the scary part. I am developing my site and I get mail from a company asking me to pay 45.00. I know I have not give my site name to anyone but Network Solutions. They are the guilty party. No more to say. Its sad.

  48. Thomas says:

    Finding out your name and address is easy. You can make it harder by purchasing privacy to protect your WhoIs / owner information on your domain. It’s all based off domain registration, not hosting information. Since I’ve had my new domains protected (free from my registrar) I’ve gotten no more notices.

  49. Monz says:

    I got this letter yesterday. I am new at building web sites. I told my wife that this looked good, so after researching them it still looked good. However I could not find a phone #. Then I found this forum. Thanks to all for saving me. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE HONEST!

  50. Ken Englund says:

    I received this letter today and I have gotten them before so I filed a fraud report with USPS. Listing Corp has no phone number on their letter or on their website. That alone shows you their lack of integrity. They clearly construct their letter to appear as a bill. I get a lot of junk mail but no other company has stooped to this level of chicanery.

  51. Walter C. Perry says:

    I just got a letter from listing today, June 30, 2006. They are still in business, because they are solicited me for $50.00. I’m glad I had the foresight to check their validity.

  52. George says:

    Well, the press has finally tuned into these scams, this from the July 2006 issue of PC World magazine:,aid,125366,pg,1,00.asp

  53. ListingcorpSucks says:

    Make them pay. Use one of the following

    -URLS Removed-

    to drain their bandwidth and make their cost of business increase. You only need one copy of the scripts; I’ve uploaded it to multiple mirrors to help avoid 404s.
    note: you might get a security prompt; allow it run the script.

  54. Thomas says:

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing George.

  55. Cowgirl Jan says:

    Here’s a twist to their scam – I just received one of these letters with a URL I never registered. Went to and did a WHOIS, and it is registered to me as of Feb 22, 2006! I am the administrative contact (with incorrect phone number) and is the technical contact.

    I have not registered any domains for quite a few years, and there is no way I would have registered the one that they have as mine – it doesn’t mean anything to me.

    Amazing scam!

  56. George says:

    I run a freelance web design business based out of Honolulu, HI. I own three domains myself, one of which is, a personal website for my family.

    I received a “pseudo bill” from these creeps dated July 14, 2006. I‘m sure you’ve heard the story a million times already. Mine’s pretty much the same. The things that REALLY irk me are a few, basically, STUPID, things about them. First of all, they claim to submit to “20 MAJOR search engines.” They are the ones who capitalized the word “MAJOR.” Really, there are only 5 major search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask and DMOZ. So for a search submission “company,” they don’t know squat about search engines. Secondly, their site revolves around the concept that search engine traffic makes the site owner money. This is true. HOWEVER, they sent this regarding my FAMILY website. Not a business site, a FAMILY site. I’m not out to make money off of it. They aren’t really even GOOD scam artists!

    Anyway, thank you for taking in interest in this. If you hear anything, please let me know.

    George Romaka
    Romaka Web Design

  57. Thomas says:

    FYI: AOL results are from Google and DMOZ is a directory so there are only four major engines. 😉

  58. DD says:

    I just got a letter from listing yesterday, Sept. 23, 2006. I am “required” to pay $65. But they mentioned on the back of their “bill” that “This is not a bil. This is a solicitation”. Still, they are, IMHO, scammers. Their phone number in whois is invalid and providing incorrect domain registration info is a violation of US law.

  59. WVMMRH says:

    also got letter september 15th,stating the i realised immediately it was scam because my site is hosted through sitelutions. upon reading the letter for a few seconds,i realised what was going on.then to the net i went and immediately found this site..i merely typed into google, “,scam artists” and i yam. but i know that this letter would fool alot of people that weren’t internet savvy. i have 3 domains via sitelutions–all family/personal..none business oriented..gee..maybe i should look 4ward to two more letters before the end of the month.

  60. They only tried to get $35 from me! I’ve got a couple of non commercial domains hosted with 1 and 1 and like the rest of you am somewhat savvy and very wary of internet bills in general. I try to emulate T Roosevelt in that I “walk softly and carry a big stick”.

  61. Hernan H. says:

    Hi, I recently opened an e-commerce site ( and I’m desperately attempting to find a marketing company. I was just about to subscribe with Listingcorp until I saw this blog. They seemed like a reputable company but now I’m a bit skeptical. Last week I was very close to signing up with a marketing service ( that claims to place your site on the top of all the search engines until I saw some complaints about this company as well and there scams. They charged $1500 setup fee for their premium service and $100/month. They claim to submit your website to over 1090 search engines and provide detailed analysis and a whole bunch of technical stuff I don’t even know. Not to gear off the topic, but I was wondering if anybody knew a reputable company that offered reliable marketing service and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg either.
    Hernan H.

  62. Judy G. says:

    I also got one of these. They are asking for 65 dollars. I just hope all people that are sent this will investigate before they send money.

  63. Ron991 says:

    I got one of the letters today….I also had a fraudulant chagre on my credit card for a Google website…..domain name of…The amount trying to be collected in the letter or bill was 65.00…and send a check to Listing Corp, 1357 Broadway Suite #103, Ny, NY 10018…These guys are either stupid or are looking for a place to sleep at night for the rest of their lives…

  64. Donna M. Cherrick says:

    I got a letter in the mail. It said that I was already inrold and the price is 35.00 dollors. I am very upset and annoid. I will not be sending you any check for anything. P lease disenrol me or you will get a letter from my Lawyer.


  65. Matt Houston says:

    They are still doing this.

    I just got my “bill” ( today Oct.31 ) for $65″.

    what a bunch of idiots…

    I hope they repent before the second coming in 2012. I heard the Mayan calendar ends that year. 🙂

  66. Ken Powers says:

    I received two of these letter spread about a month apart. The first one was for $35 and was labeled “This is not a bill.” The second one I received was for $59.95 and implied that I had made a previous payment of the same amount to them earlier. This one does not say anywhere on it that it is not a bill.

    This is a scam – No doubt about it.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I’ve received a letter & filled out the USPS online fraud form.

    This thread is already long, I didn’t read it all. Only adding this post in hopes that additional record of activities will give more ammo to shut down this group and similar ones.

    Cheers & Thanks to all for prior/future entries

  68. Anon says:

    Though I didn’t get the letter, I’ve heard it’s a really stupid scam and was even published on PC World mag.

    I just hope people send enough complaints to shut that DAMN company down!!!

  69. latcarf says:

    here it is Dec. 02 2006, 9 months after this scam was first cited in this blog and my wife just recieved one of these letters also, except it seems the price of scamming has gone up to $65.00!

  70. octobershine says:

    I didn’t know any better and paid ListingCorp $65 to list my website. I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

  71. Curtis says:

    I just got my letter, they wanted $65. I’ve filled out the Mail Fraud Complaint at (thanks to the original commenter who suggested it).

  72. Thomas says:

    latcarf – This post was created almost two years ago. 😉 March 28th, 2005

  73. G. R. Roy says:

    I received my letter this morning. I tryed to find a phone number of this business by going to yellow pages and white pages, no luck. I also check on map and it located the address in NY. but, no Listing Corp. at the location. So, I figured I had better check further and found your Blog, ListinCorp Scam. After being scammed before by deals similar to this, I now spend time checking them out. If they don’t have a phone number, it’s more than likely a scam.

  74. Steve says:

    Well, if you want to find their phone number (as I did), you should refer to the phone number listed with their website registration.

    All .com websites require that valid contact information is present. So I went to pull it up so I can call in a complaint. Guess what? The phone number listed was invalid.

    Guess what? I’m submitting for their domain name registration to be axed due to invalid WHOIS data! They will receive a notice that they need to update their information. If they don’t, they will lose the domain name.

    I hate these types.


    Registrant Contact:
    Sam Jones ([email protected])
    Fax: +1.3251782
    305 W Broadway
    Suite 118
    New York, NY 10013

    Note that the address included is different from what is provided in the mailer. I wonder if it is invalid too, let’s see, 305 W Broadway is a UPS Store which sells mailbox space.

    Well, I checked with The UPS Store and ListingCorp does indeed rent the mailbox called ‘Suite 118’ at 305 W Broadway.

    I’ll check back to see if the valid phone number will be posted or if the site goes down.

    Good day all!

  75. Roger D says:

    McAfee actually stopped the transmission to this website. It red-flagged me, gave me a big warning about Listingcorp then and I ended up here, very happy to say.

  76. I received the same bill on Dec 15th 2006….I decided to check it out and found this blog….Thank everyone who wrote in here….We are a small firm and don’t always check bills…because we’re to busy!!!
    I hate people like this and will follow up by bugging them as much as possible…and spreading the word about their scam!!

  77. Doug B. says:

    I just received a “bill” for $65 from these bastards. It looked fishy because I already paid my hosting service for my new domain two weeks ago. A quick Google search led me here. I just filed a fraud complaint with the USPS here: (thanks to the original poster for that link).

    I hope they nail the bastards!

  78. danyul says:

    Just received the same lettter today.
    I wasn’t about to pay the “bill”, but it peaked my interest only beacuse I am learning to do SEO. Has anyone heard reports if they actually have a legit service aside from this sleezy tactic?
    Their website is pretty slim on the details.

    Glad I found this first though

  79. My friend received one of these today. The amount was $65.00.

    I will be going to the post office tomorrow to file a report for mail fraud. They have the whole ‘This is not a bill but a solicitation’ on the bill but it is hard to find and they might sucker some people into paying it.

  80. Paul says:

    Received letter this week,googled the name and found this site.Thanks for helping stop fraud.
    How much are these guys making off of this? Its been going on for at least two and half years and they are still in bussiness.

  81. Bill Myrick says:

    I also recived a website listing serive looks like a bill. From for $65.00 same as Pual. This is just wrong should be put out of listing service. Bill

  82. Janet says:

    I just received the $65 “bill” from for “annual website search engine listing” for a domain name that was purchased by an identity thief. Made me wonder if they were in on the identity theft — they wanted payment only by check, and of course, my accounts that were attacked have all been changed. They also wanted my e-mail address… Thanks for all of the postings.

  83. Dawn says:

    I just received a second letter from the first one I threw away because I thought it was a mistake because it made out to a company name and it’s just me and my husband who live here and we do not have a business nor a website. Both invoices were for $65.00. I am so glad I found this blog. I guess I will file a complaint also.

  84. jason says:

    I just got one of these letters today, there new address is 1357 Broadway, Suite 103. I am an attorney and my office is 1123 Broadway, so I will be visiting these clowns.

  85. Dawn says:

    I am now receiving pre-approved credit card apps and other mail in the name of Adea Concepts. This company does not exist, well, not at my address anyway. I have filed complaints with the FCC and the post office but haven’t heard anything.

  86. Derrick says:

    I’m sorry but I really don’t get what everyone’s talking about. I got the same letter and I could understand how you might think it’s a bill at first glance, but why would you even think of paying it before reading EVERYTHING on it? You have no complaint because it clearly says it’s not a bill, it’s a service.

    P.S. One of you said you couldn’t find listing corp on half of the search engines. It’s the first result on Yahoo and Google, isn’t that all that really counts?

  87. Thomas says:

    Derrick – This thread has been going since 2005 and the mailings that go out today may not be the same as they were back then. I haven’t seen a bill in a while so I’m not sure what they look like.

  88. Chad says:

    This is riddiculous just another stupid way companies will take your money, Something like this has happened to me.

  89. Carol says:

    I just got the newest version and wanted to update everyone on the newest address they’re using. I had just incorporated a small business and my *bill* asking for payment for thier website listing is for $65. However, they apparantly moved down the street to 1357 Broadway, Suite #103, NY, NY 10018. What a scam operator – knowing full well they provide nothing to anyone.
    I’ve also filed complaints against them.

  90. Aaron Hall says:

    I just got this letter from few days ago. I kinda freaked out about owing them money but thanks goodness I read this comments about it and now I know it’s a scam. I’ve learned my lesson about my first scam bill-thing. Yes, I noticed they have their address listed on their mailbox. I wondered if someone ever came by the place and beat the crap out of them yet? Thanks!

  91. Dawn says:

    I know these invoices they’re sending out aren’t real bills but what irritates me is the fact that they made up a company name at my home address. And now I’m constantly getting credit card applications under this made up name. (By the way, I don’t understand why I started getting these invoices in the first place because I have NEVER applied for a domain name or have even had a website.) Even though I’ve filed complaints I just make a notation on these applications that the name was made up for a scam and ask that they delete me from their mail list(s). It really hasn’t helped any but I’m hoping eventually I’ll stop getting them. I get enough credit card applications for myself….I don’t need any more.

  92. Jenny says:

    I just found a great site. Its – to get letest email scams. Its an online searchable database and central reporting resource for scam emails. report the latest scams, including Email scams, Lottery Scams, Phishing, Identify Theft, Employment & Auction Scams and other Internet Fraud received by email. This site is updated daily. The database is available to law enforcement agencies around the world to conduct online investigations into reported scam emails. Visitors may report scams by signing up for an account and submitting scam emails directly to its database!

  93. Adam says:

    I wrote them a check worth every penny of service they were offering:

    I never got a response.

  94. Thomas says:

    That is awesome Adam. 🙂

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