When I heard that Google was killing Reader, I was shocked. It’s one of my most used services. I’m a power user. I check Reader at least twice a day, if not more. I use it to track 84 different website with hundreds of stories a day; over 5,000 stories in the past 30 days alone. So Google, I’m not OK with this.

Google Reader - Not OK

However, after thinking about it and exploring alternatives, it’s not as bad as it seems. I only knew of Google Reader and I never checked out the competition; basically because I didn’t think there were any good ones. However, some great alternatives have come to the surface.

Feedly web looks really nice, however I don’t like having to install an extension just to see my feeds. Feedly mobile on the other hand doesn’t feel right. The design is killing the usability for me. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

I’m hearing good things about The Old Reader. No mobile app for that one yet, but I hear it has Google Reader shortcuts so it’s promising. Plus an API is coming and then maybe someone will make a nice mobile app.

Digg has also said that they are going to build a feed reader. Not sure what they’ll come up with, but I have high hopes.

What I’ll switch to probably depends on what my apps do. I use Reeder on my Mac and Newsify on my iPhone and iPad. If they decide to support a specific service, chances are I’ll move there, as I love my apps.

What it all boils down to is that it is disappointing that Google Reader is calling it quits, but there are many other good services out there. Give it a few weeks and some of or beloved apps will integrate into other feed reading services, we’ll move our feeds, and life will go on. Our productivity will stay intact and Google Reader will fade away along with many of the other services that Google decides we no longer need.