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How does one see the internet when they can’t see it?

3 Blind MiceHave you ever wondered how blind people surf the web or have you ever stopped to take the visually impaired into consideration when designing or building a site? Probably not.

I believe that most web developers don’t think too much about the visually impaired. We focus more on the design and functionality and what we see.

There are things though that we can do to make our sites better for screen readers and those with disabilities, however I don’t know them all and can say that I’ve never surfed the web without my sight.

If you’ve ever wondered about web accessibility or how screen readers work then you should come to The Nerdery’s Front-End Developer Talk on January 10th. Aaron Cannon, a blind PHP developer at The Nerdery, will be talking about web accessibility and showing you how he interacts with the web.

Aaron Cannon is an accessibility consultant and software engineer at The Nerdery. He is blind from birth and uses the screen reader JAWS on a daily basis. Aaron will be talking about accessibility concerns to consider when developing your website, which will be followed by a JAWS demonstration and Q&A period.

For more information, and to RSVP, visit

This is open to the public so feel free to come and learn.

Also check out theĀ The League of Front-End Developers website for more talks and meet-ups.

Image Source: Creative Star Art

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