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This is why we live outside the city.

We live outside the city because of views like this from our backyard. We see trees, not houses, we have a large yard for our daughter to run around in, and we have the ability to look up at night and see stars. It is quiet, it is spacious, and it is beautiful.

A Tale of Two Minnesota Winters

Last winter, 2013/2014, we had roughly 70 inches of snow! This year however, we’ve only had about 25 inches. Our biggest snow storm only dropped 3.4 inches. Even when it did fall, it disappeared shortly there after; which means didn’t get the chance to pile up. Snowmobiling was basically nonexistent this winter and sledding was on only a few […]

From Verizon to T-Mobile – My Review

We’ve been on T-Mobile for a few months now and I have to say that we’re pretty happy. Sure, T-Mobile isn’t the perfect carrier, but then again, all carriers have their flaws. Price The first thing we love is the price. T-Mobile is quite a bit less than Verizon. The amount of money we’re saving […]

Welcome Back Amazon Affiliate Money

I was pretty bummed out when Amazon closed all the Minnesota affiliate accounts last year. I didn’t make a lot of Amazon, but $10 here, $10 there adds up and gave me a bit of spending money. Starting today, I’m back in the game! On October 1st, Amazon started collecting Minnesota sales tax. Since this […]