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Welcome Back Amazon Affiliate Money

I was pretty bummed out when Amazon closed all the Minnesota affiliate accounts last year. I didn’t make a lot of Amazon, but $10 here, $10 there adds up and gave me a bit of spending money.

Starting today, I’m back in the game!

On October 1st, Amazon started collecting Minnesota sales tax. Since this is what they were trying to avoid when they closed all our accounts there is no reason no reason we can’t have accounts now. So today I opened a new Amazon Affiliate account and am waiting for the money to flow in! Ok, maybe trickle.

Amazon Money

The sad thing is that Amazon won’t just re-open an old Affiliate account. You have to create a new one, which means you get new IDs. Since all my sites are in WordPress the Search and Replace plugin was my BFF. I could then search for the old ID and replace it with the new one. All my sites were updated in no time.

Welcome back to Minnesota Amazon Affiliate program. Missed you.

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