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Impressed with Apple TV. I should have got one long ago.

I’ve been looking at digital media players for quite some time now. I love the idea of them, but they all seemed to¬†be missing a feature or two. Eventually¬†my wife made the decision for me and got me an Apple TV. And it’s amazing!

Apple TV in my hand.

The Apple TV is often referred to as a media player where you can buy or rent content from iTunes to play on it, but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted a computer where I could stream anything from the internet and play whatever files I wanted. That’s why for years I’ve been using an older Mac Mini. Turns out, you can do everything on the Apple TV via mirroring.

Mirroring is the one feature that I love the most. With AirPlay I can mirror my computers screen, and audio, to the TV. Then I can watch CBS, Hulu (free), or any other web content directly to my TV. No need for Flash on Apple TV, the computer has me covered.

I can also mirror my entire iOS device screen; any app. This works great when I want to read a book to my daughter, but yet I want the picture big and beautiful. Things look much better on the TV than my iPhone 5 screen! I can even put Twitter or games up on the TV.

If you don’t want mirroring, lots of apps have¬†AirPlay integrated which¬†allows me to send specific content directly to the Apple TV. Pandora does this which is nice as they don’t have an Apple TV app. I always thought you’d need specific Apple TV apps to enjoy content on Apple TV, but you don’t.

The only real downside is that a lot of the channels require a cable subscription. That’s not Apples fault, that’s the networks being jerks. Any other streaming media player will have the same issues.

I was always worried about the limitations of Apple TV and now I realize there aren’t any! If it’s on my iPhone or Mac, it can show up on Apple TV and that’s pretty darn awesome. I love this little guy.

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  1. Can I stream content from my MacBook Air, iPhone 6, and iPad Mini, or do I need something in addition to AppleTV?

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