Make Beaver Builder CTAs, Callouts and Info Banners align.

When using Beaver Builder, chance are you (or your client) will use the Call To Action (CTA) module, put a few in one row, and then realize that the button’s don’t align. 

CTA buttons out of alignment.

Then you’ll spend quite a bit of time trying to make them align only to realize that they don’t stay aligned at different break points.

Good news, I have some CSS that can help!

Add the following CSS to your WordPress child theme, or to the builder. It should render your modules now with the buttons all aligned.

CTA buttons in alignment.

Make sure to read the requirements in the code as well. Having the columns set to equal hight is a part of the alignment process. It also doesn’t work well when CTA buttons are inline, so make sure they’re stacked.

This doesn’t stop at the CTA module either. If you’re using the Callout module, here’s code to make them align.

If you’re using Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, here’s code for the UABB Info Banner module.

The same code can be modified to work with most any module, but it can be tricky based on how many wrappers each module has. 

I’ve tested this code back to IE11 and everything is working at the moment. If Beaver Builder changes classes, or adds more wrappers, it will probably need to be updated.

If you don’t know what Beaver Builder is, check out the quick start guide.


Baby animals on the farm.

Lily with different animals. Cat, cow, lambs.

My parents farm has more than just fresh air and four-wheeling, it also has baby animals! Kittens is what drew us down there over the weekend.

Three little balls of claws and energy. Three little kittens, and one little girl in heaven. She carried them around, put them in baskets, purses, and loved them as much as possible. There was also a baby calf in the barn and lambs just down the road.

No animals came home though. They sure are cute, but I don’t think we’re ready for any new animals around here.


Some Easter Fun

Peeps and Snow Bunnies

Had some fun on Easter. Created giant Peeps for the neighbors, made an even bigger bunny in the snow, and finished off the day with a fun Peeps Jello dessert.


Happy Easter!

I have to say that face painting is amazing. They’re getting bigger and better all the time. We love it. Especially when it’s free!


It’s Time To Start Testing Gutenberg

If you haven't heard, Gutenberg is coming to WordPress. If it's still on schedule, that could be next month; April! You should start testing and planning for it now.

Start Testing!

You can easily test Gutenberg by adding it to your site. It's available in the plugin directory as a stand alone plugin. Install it, activate it, and then create a new post. See what happens.

WordPress lanyards

If you use a lot of custom fields, then you may have some things to work through, but then again, you may not. All my custom fields still show at the bottom of the post, but I don't depend on them for layout or design so I maybe got off easy.

Everything Might Be Fine

Chances are that Gutenberg may work just fine. The perceived issues may be bigger than the actual issues. I didn't have to change any code or do anything special to make Gutenberg work on my site.

In testing a bunch of random Gutenberg features in this post, which is why this post seems a bit chaotic, they just worked. This is impressive as this I use a third party theme that I started hacking as they abandoned it years ago and Gutenberg still works fine.

Exploding Gutenberg

If your site explodes (overreaction) due to Gutenberg, then chances are your developers were terrible, or you have something super custom. Now is a great time to start planning on how to make everything Gutenberg compatible or to figure out your backup plan; like using the Classic Editor plugin to disable Gutenberg.

In the end, chances are, you may just need some style updates.  However, you won't know until you test, so start testing!

With so much noise online about the WordPress 5.0 release, what you need to know is: Ultimately Gutenberg is a planning issue, not a technical one

via @crowdfavorite

What are you waiting for? Start testing your site today. If there is something to worry about, you have time to make a plan. If it works fine, then you can stop worrying. Just don't wait to the last minute, or say you were surprised when Gutenberg launches. You know it's coming, so do something about it.

Important Note

In no way am I saying that you should start using Gutenberg full time today or that you should test in production. Gutenberg is still evolving and changing so there is risk. Backup everything, test in a development environment, and make smart choices.


Unlock your Mac with your iPhone.

Picture of iPad, iPhone and Computer

Unlox is a Mac and iOS app that allows you to unlock your Mac with your fingerprint, wrist or face.

The concept is simple and it works really well. Install an app on your Mac and on your iPhone or iPad and connect the two. Once both apps are installed and connected, every time you wake up your Mac, it’ll send a signal to your phone and ask you to unlock it. Simply scan your finger, face, or whatever option you selected, and your Mac unlocks.

If you’re opening your laptop, it takes a few seconds, but if you’re just coming back, and your computer is in screensaver mode, it’s nearly instant.

This works over Bluetooth LE so your devices need to support that; which most do. It doesn’t send anything over the internet either which helps with security concerns.

Besides just unlocking your computer, you can also control iTunes & Spotify, it can lock and unlock your computer based on your phones distance from it, and can even tie into Mac admin authentication requests to fill out those passwords too.

For just $4, Unlox is extremely handy. Some days I can’t type my password right for the life of me, and now I don’t have to worry about that.

FYI: Unlox used to be called MacID, but it’s been rebuilt and works much better. Basically, Unlox is MacID version 2.


New to Beaver Builder? Check out this quick start guide.

Beaver Builder editor with quick start button selected.

If you haven’t heard of Beaver Builder before, then it’s worth checking out. Beaver Builder is a page builder for WordPress that gives you a lot of pre-built modules and you just have to drag and drop them onto the screen to build the site you want.

If you’re new to Beaver Builder, or just want a quick high-level intro, check out the Beaver Builder quick start guide I created.

I’ve been using Beaver Builder for over two years now and I really like it. It’s built on WordPress standards, it is very flexible, works with most (if not all) WordPress plugins, and is easy to extend. I don’t feel restricted which allows me to create some great websites. This is why I recommend it.