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Cheap, Easy, DIY Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

What can make Easter more fun? Glow in the dark Easter eggs! These Easter eggs look good in the dark and it’s a nice twist on your typical egg hunts. We usually do these hunts in the house leading up to Easter just for the fun of it. Things you’ll need: Plastic Easter Eggs Chances […]

MelloTrello 1.1 – Label Text & Responsive

I’ve updated MelloTrello, my Trello theme, to show label text and to make it responsive. The text on the labels makes it easy to remember what the labels mean. That is, if you associate text with the labels. Boards also now stack if the window is too narrow. This makes Trello responsive and you don’t have […]

Clean up the multiple drafts that Apple’s Mail app creates in Gmail.

If you use Apple’s Mail with Gmail, you realize that every time Mail autosaves a draft, Gmail creates a new draft. Even after the message has been sent, Gmail thinks you have lots of drafts. I haven’t found a good way to stop this but I have found an easy way to clean it up. […]

Weather Underground’s unfortunate graphic mishap.

Weather Underground is terminating their weather text alerts and sent out a nice email letting people know. The email included this graphic. Unfortunately, the cactuses in the picture look a bit more like the sun is giving me the middle finger. Especially the one on the right. I’m sure they didn’t intend for this to […]

Beaver Builder – Add search to mobile.

I’m a fan of Beaver Builder, but no search on mobile? What’s up with that?! We can easily add it back, though. You just have to add a function to your functions.php file and you’ll get a search box under the header. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently […]

Add drop down indicators to Beaver Builder’s menus.

Beaver Builder is a great way to create quickly generate a WordPress site, however, it does have some quirks. One of which is no indication that menus have children. However, that’s a quick fix with a few lines off CSS. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what […]

How to fix anchor links when you have a fixed header.

Anchor links are a convenient way to send people directly to the content they’re looking for. However, if you have a fixed header, things quickly become a problem as the content is now hidden behind the sticky header. If you’re writing your own code, you can easily use CSS to get around this. Check out […]