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M&M Tree

Lily asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day that didn’t exist so I said an M&M tree. Sure enough, when I got home tonight, I had an M&M tree waiting for me. I hope it’s an ever-producing tree.

I built a fairy garden.

Lily is always making little fairy houses out of sticks and leaves so I decided to build her a fairy garden. Someplace she could grow flowers, decorate, and play with as she pleases. I built it, Christi picked up the accessories, and Lily picked out the flowers. It was a family project and should be fun all […]

TwisterMc’s Beaver Builder Modules

As noted a few weeks ago, I’m starting to create my own Beaver Builder modules. Since then I’ve gotten the Slick module into a good spot. My Sick module supports: Single Image Carousels Multiple Image Carousels Horizontal Carousels Vertical Carousels Touch Controls Responsive Arrow and Dot Styles Multiple Carousels Per Page Photo Captions Infinite Loop Fade Transition Most […]

Caramel M&Ms are delicious!

I’m a big fan of M&Ms but they do come up with some weird flavors. Their newest edition, however, is Caramel M&Ms and they do not disappoint. At first, I thought they were a little weird. M&Ms aren’t supposed to be soft on the inside. That is unless they’re melted, but that’s a different kind […]