Kasa smart plugs by TP-Link work with Siri.

Smart Plugs & Siri

Smart plugs are pretty cheap as long as you want them to work with Google or Alexa. HomeKit on the other hand requires more expensive smart plugs. However, with Siri Shortcuts, you can make Kasa smart plugs work with Siri without HomeKit.

To make it work, you’ll need some Kasa Smart Plugs. Once you have them setup in the Kasa iOS app, head over to the iOS Shortcuts app. Create a new shortcut and select the Kasa app. Once the app is selected, you can set it up to turn on or off a device, play a scene, or change the lighting color/brightness if you have a Kasa smart lightbulb. Give your Shortcut a name and then save it.

Now, you can ask Siri to run that shortcut and control your smart devices.

I have this working great to turn on and off some lights and will be setting it up with the Christmas tree this Holiday season.

Kasa smart plugs and Siri Shortcuts are a great combination even if they don’t work with HomeKit.


Grill sweet corn for easy, tasty corn.

Sweet Corn On Grill

Over the weekend we grilled sweet corn for the first time. Not only was it super simple, but it also tasted great.

To make corn on the grill, you simply put the grill on low/medium heat, put the corn on, husks and all, and grill for about 20 minutes rotating every 5 minutes.

Basically, you’re just warming up the corn. You don’t want to burn it. Your husks should have grill marks on them, not be burnt to a crisp. Once the 20 minutes are up, enjoy!

When you peel the corn after it’s grilled, the silk just comes right off. Granted, they’re a bit hot to hold, so grab a napkin and wrap it around the bottom. It’s just like the sweet corn at the state fair!

Grilling them is so much easier than trying to peal them and boil them. Plus it’s just as tasty!


We built a treehouse!

During the summer of COVID my family and I had time to build a tree house. I’m not the most talented in the area of building things, but, with a little bit of help, we were able to accomplish it!

Finished Treehouse
The Finished Treehouse

A huge thanks goes out to my neighbors who let me borrow tools, helped haul boards, and gave some much needed advice. Without them, this treehouse project would still be a pipe dream.

For the most part, we followed the instructions over at WikiHow. I pretty much skipped down to Part 3: Building a Secure Platform. WikiHow’s instructions were pretty good, but I can’t say they were perfect. They definitely skimmed over some things like building a nice railing (their example wasn’t for me) or making you understand the overall dimensions. That was something that required me to nicely ask the neighbor again and again for one “last” trip to Menards for more boards.

Here’s our progress.

Base Treehouse Boards
Foundation Complete
Starting Treehouse Floor
Now we need a floor.
Girl on Treehouse Floor
The floor holds a human!
Starting of Treehouse Railing
Starting to add the railing.
Finished Treehouse
The Finished Treehouse

The treehouse is looking pretty good and I’m very happy with it; so is my daughter. However, it does need a roof to keep some of the sun out and I’m starting to brainstorm some other ideas. Slide? Zip Line? Second floor?! What fun things could we do?


15 Custom Full Firefox Themes

One nice thing about Firefox is that you can theme it with some CSS. You can make minor modifications or go completely custom. Not only can you change colors, but you can move things around and create custom browser experiences.

Here are some pretty awesome looking Firefox themes that you can install today.

Do keep in mind that Firefox does have some differences on different operating systems so not everything will work perfectly if the author didn’t test on your OS. Additionally, Firefox updates can break themes as the browser evolves. If something isn’t right, you’ll either wait for an update or make the fixes yourself if you know how to code.


Moonlight Firefox Screen Shot

Firefox GNOME theme

Firefox Gnome Theme Screenshot

elementary OS

elementary OS Firefox Theme Screenshot

Firefox Safari Style

Firefox Safari Style Theme Screen Shot

FF Midnight

FF Midnight  Firefox Screen Shot

MaterialFox (Mimic Chrome)

MaterialFox  Firefox Screen Shot

Firefox etals

Firefox etals Theme Screenshot

Sweet Theme

Firefox Sweet Theme Screenshot

Aqua (Mimic Safari)

Aqua  Firefox Screen Shot


Slickfox Firefox Theme Animation

Firefox Transparent One-Line/Two-Line

Firefox Transparent One-Line/Two-Line Theme Screenshot

Safari-esque Light & Dark

Safari-esque Firefox Theme Screenshot


Firefox-Mod Theme Screenshot


Slimbar Firefox Theme Screenshot

Simplify Silver Peach for Firefox

Simplify Silver Peach Firefox Theme Screenshot


MozFox Firefox Theme Screenshot
My own Firefox Theme

There’s a lot more out there, but they’re hard to find. I typically find them by searching GitHub or following FirefoxCSS on Reddit. FirefoxCSS is also a great place to start learning how to create your own custom Firefox themes.

Which themes are your favorite? Or do you have any to share? Let me know in the comments below or @TwisterMc.


TwisterMc BeaverBuilder Modules Fixed & New Additions

City Construction with BeaverBuilder logo and TwisterMc logo

Imagine my surprise when I went to use my BeaverBuilder modules plugin and things were completely broken. Not sure what went wrong but the code was really messed and no one noticed; either that or they just didn’t tell me.

Good news though, it’s been fixed! Slick Slider actually works like it’s supposed to with options in the right areas and errors gone away.

Not only that, but I also added two new modules.

Download Button
Allows you to select a PDF from the media library and make it available for users to download.

YouTube module that just accepts a YouTube url and embeds the video on the page. I know it’s easy to embed YouTube videos in WordPress already, but this makes it even easier for clients.

Most of my modules come from other projects I’m working on, so who knows what I’ll add next, but if anything doesn’t work as expected, please let me know.


GiveWP Beaver Builder Modules

Give and BeaverBuilder Logos

If you’re running Beaver Builder and have GiveWP for donations, there’s a great plugin to integrate the two.

BB Connect for Give Donations adds three new modules to Beaver Builder.

Donation Form
Easily add donation forms including settings for how the form displays; show on page, reveal on click, popup on click, or button only.

Donation Form Goal
If your raising money and you have a target dollar amount, you can easily add a visual representation of your status.

Account Details
Great for sites who run sports or memberships with GiveWP and users want to see their donation history.

All these features are already in GiveWP and BB Connect for Give Donations integrates them right into BeaverBuilder.

Of note, as of this writing, the plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years, but it still works great. I contacted the plugin authors, who were extremely responsive, and said they’d fix any major issues if they come up or retire it if they were not going to fix issues.


Someone didn’t translate these instructions very well and it’s amazing.

Badly Translated Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Instructions

My mother-in-law received a facial mask as a gift and these are the instructions on the box. They’re almost too crazy to be true.

Of course, we had to try it out. It looked awful and it bubbled and tingled the whole time. It was also supposed to foam up like crazy and make you look funny, but it didn’t do quite as much as we thought it would.

Overall, I think the product was a success, but that’s mainly based on instructions.