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@#?!! Musk – Stop Killing Twitter

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I’ve been on Twitter for 16 years and leaving it seems unreal, but Elon is killing it.

I really didn’t get Twitter when it started, it seemed pointless. However, over the years I learned to love it. I have friends on there, I follow brands I’m interested in, I keep up with local businesses & events, get weather updates, easily connect with companies for support, and I’ve met a lot of people who I’ll never meet in person, but we became internet friends due to shared interests. I’ve built a community and I hate that Elon is slowly killing it.

I know that there are other social networks out there, but Twitter was special. Not everyone was on it, and that was OK. It had a simple timeline, and yet you could make powerful connections. Sure, Facebook has its place, but it’s not the same. Instagram is more about photos & videos, and Reddit doesn’t feel as much like a community where you can just toss out whatever is on your mind. There are a lot of alternatives, but my community is on Twitter; or was.

Since Elon’s purchasing of Twitter, a number of my friends left. Some went to Mastodon, some to Tumblr, some to other up-and-coming social networks. The hard thing is, they all went different places, or just stopped engaging all together. The connections I have are slowly fading. Then there are those accounts that haven’t left Twitter, so I feel like I need to stick around as well. But I hate supporting Elon. I get that he has to make some hard decisions and make money with Twitter, but he doesn’t have to be an ass about it. The lack of direction, communication, and thought he’s putting into Twitter makes me wonder how he ever came up with Tesla. It sure makes me think twice about buying a Tesla someday.

At the end of the day, I really wish Elon would cut his losses and sell Twitter to someone who cares. What was once a powerhouse brand is quickly becoming a cesspool.

Love you Twitter, but hate you Elon.

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  1. Support says:

    Agreed! We closed our Twitter account after Elon started being so erratic with policies and irrational with his behavior. Sad ☹️ Here’s hoping for better things in Twitter’s future

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