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One AirPod lost sound? Try sucking on it.

Left AirPods on yellow background.
Can you hear me now?

Last summer I had an incident with my AirPods (2nd gen) where the left AirPod stopped producing sound. Actually, it was just really muffled unless I twisted the AirPod so it pointed at my nose. Last week I found a solution, suck on it.

I figured this out after I came across a Reddit thread where people had the same issue as I did. Reading through the comments, they all seemed to fix the sound issue by sucking on the AirPod. So, I tried it and it worked!

I know how this sounds. First, eww, and also this shouldn’t work, but it does. You cover the speaker with your mouth and suck. Tip: Might want to clean it first. The suction either dislodges a blockage or pulls something into place. I really have no idea what it does, but it works.

It took me about 3 minutes and my AirPod was working great again. I ended up sucking on it two or three times, but every time it got a bit better. I’ve been using them for a week now and they both sound great.

I really thought I broke my AirPods over the summer and had stopped using them because of the sound issue, but now they’re as good as ever. Such a simple, but weird, solution.

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