I Built A Bat House

I recently built a bat house. It even has a Bat Girl sticker.

Since I hear bats eat mosquitos, I thought it may be a good idea to attract a few. Plus we had a bat living in one of our vents a year or two ago so I thought it’d be easy to attract them. Turns out, I haven’t attracted any bats yet.

Of course, it could be because I used my own design. I looked up a few bat house plans on the internet, but thought they were more complicated than they needed to be so I used them as general guides.

I used the boards I had lying around and I figured out measurements as I went. It’s basically four walls and a roof. On the inside I used some wire fence that I thought the bats could grip onto. This was easier than scratching the insides of the bat house as some plans recommend. Overall, I thought it was just as good as the vent they lived in a while back.

I’m not quite sure why the bats aren’t coming, but maybe they’re not looking for homes this time of year, or maybe it should be more in the sun. Either way, I’m happy with it.


Happy 10th Birthday Lily!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl. This time it’s double digits!

10th Birthday Photos

Lily had a great time with her family and friends over the past few days. First, we had grandparents and uncles up for some yard games and ice cream cake. Then we had a family day. Followed by a trip to Valleyfair with a few friends and a piñata cake.

This year Lily is going into 5th grade which is middle school and I don’t know where the time goes. She’s still my little girl and always will be.


No Soliciting. Seriously, don’t make it weird.

Grumpy cat no soliciting sign on our house.

There’s a lot of contractors going door to door since the hail storm so we put up a sign.  So far it’s been pretty effective.

Here is the full size version of the Grumpy Cat No Soliciting Sign if you want a copy.

Grumpy Cat No Soliciting Sign

It’s good to note that I didn’t create this, I found it on the inter webs and I’m not sure who created it in the first place.


Super Father’s Day

Candy Jars filled with candy.

For Father’s Day, my daughter made me a super gift. Six jars, all super hero themed and filled with different items.

  • Ironman – Almond M&Ms
  • Thor – Cheesy Chex Mix
  • Batman – Lemonade Drink Mix
  • Captain America – Junior Mints
  • Flash – Hot Tamales
  • Spiderman – DQ Gift Card

It was a very cool idea and had a great super hero card to go with it. ❤️


Fun at the Park

Looking down at Lily in the Park

There’s a lot of parks in our old town and we visited one of our favorites tonight. The “castle park” at Bayview Elementary in Waconia is always fun even if we’re a bit bigger now.