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My chemo journey is ending.

Looking down a bridge with sunny skies at the end.

Today was my last chemo infusion! I still have chemo pills to take for two weeks, and some not so fun side effects to deal with, but this is the beginning of the end. In just a few weeks, side effects will slowly start to subside, and my body will just keep getting better.

My doctor did say it’d be about 3 months before I’m completely recovered from all my side effects. Typically, I feel pretty good after three weeks, so even getting to week five or six should feel pretty darn good.

One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to is my taste buds returning to normal. Things haven’t tasted right for a long time, and I’m ready to stop relying on smell, or memories, telling me if something is good or not. Of course, not feeling nauseous or having to take chemo pills are also high on my list of things I’m eager to put behind me.

A huge thanks to my wife and daughter, who have taken great care of me through all of this. They’ve worked hard to keep things running smoothly, even though this is hard on them as well. Thank you to all the friends and family who have helped us along the way too. It’s been a tough journey, but we’re very lucky to have such good people in our lives that make this easier. Also, thank you to Nerdery for being flexible in my schedule as I fit all my treatments in. It was smooth sailing on the work front, which helps considerably.

What’s next? Well, I have some blood tests in a few weeks, then I’ll get my chemo port removed. After that, it should be nothing but enjoying the spring and summer! In the fall, I’ll have another CT scan and colonoscopy to see how things are, but I’m not going to think of that until the fall. There’s always a chance (25% chance) the cancer could return, but I’m thinking positive and not worrying. I’m ready to get back to morning walks, eating tasting good food, and feeling like myself again.

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  1. mliqu says:

    Great to hear, Thomas! What food do you miss the most?

    • Thomas says:

      That’s a hard one. Popcorn maybe. Last few times I had it wasn’t that tasty. Or maybe ice cream as it’s started to lose its taste too. Too many choices.

  2. Josh says:

    Awesome! In a few weeks hope you are open to random food deliveries all day and night!

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