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I made it through the first week of chemo.

I’ve completed my first week of chemo, and chemo sucks. I never thought it’d be easy, but it’s also not quite what my doctor made it out to be. When we met with our oncologist, and came up with a plan, they said that it shouldn’t affect my day to day too much. I could […]

Chemo. Here we go!

We met with and oncologist this week, and we figured out details on my cancer and a plan going forward.  We found out I have stage 3b colon cancer, and they recommend chemo. The good news is that they should have gotten all the cancer removed in the surgery, however I’ll be starting chemo soon […]

3 Week Post Surgery Update

It’s been three weeks since my colon cancer surgery and, if you didn’t know, you probably couldn’t tell by looking at me that I even had surgery.  The only restriction I have left is lifting more than 20 pounds. I have another week of that, and then it should be removed. It was also suggested […]

A week after colon cancer surgery and I feel good.

It’s been about a week since my colon cancer surgery and I feel good! This whole process thus far has seemed to go quite smoothly, and I’m amazed at how quickly I’m recovering. The day of the surgery was the worst. Between the nerves going in and the pain afterwords, that was a hard day. […]

How did we find my colon cancer? By donating blood.

People have asked how I found out I had colon cancer. As I noted in my first post my warning signs were pretty minor. The only symptom I had was getting light-headed when standing. This isn’t too out of the ordinary and, even though it seemed to be happening more often, I just thought it […]

I Have Colon Cancer

When I was in high school, I remember hearing a stat that 1 in 3 men in the US will develop cancer within their lifetime. This was a bit shocking to me as I knew nobody with cancer. Granted, people probably had it, but they weren’t talking about it, or I wasn’t paying attention. But […]