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Chemo Journey Complete

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Today was a big day as I got my chemo port removed. This marks the end of my cancer treatment.

Technically, I’ve been cancer free since my surgery in October, as they were able to cut it out. The chemo I’ve been going through since November is to reduce the chances of it coming back in the future. Hopefully, it works, but only time will tell.

Most of my side effects are gone, with two exceptions; taste and tingling in my feet. Taste buds should be back to normal in a few weeks and the tingling will go away in months. My energy seems coming back too, and I’ve already been out and about going on long walks. It’s nice to be active again, even though I’m usually exhausted at the end of the day. Everything is starting to return to normal, and, I’m very excited for that.

In three months, I’ll go back in to get some more tests, and hopefully, they’ll come back clean. Who knows what the future holds, but I’m hopeful I’ll be cancer free for years to come.

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