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I don’t always drink coffee but when I do it’s free and sweet. Plus it’s huge!

Starbucks has some great drinks as does Caribou. The more sweet flavoring and the less coffee taste the more I like them. Advertisements



For the first time in years we went to Valleyfair. I’m a thrill ride fan so I was hoping to hit up all the coasters, but it was also Lily’s first visit so there were plenty of new kid rides that I knew I’d be trying out. We picked a great day as it wasn’t...


Hula Berries Are Pineapple Strawberries.

Hula Berries look like strawberries and taste like pineapple. Really?! We saw them at Home Depot and I really wanted to buy some, but didn’t. I wonder if they really taste like pineapple. Hopefully we can find some at the store to try first.


Light Cloud

It’s just a fancy round light from Ikea with a bunch of cotton stuck to it. If you choose to make one of these, make sure to use an energy-efficient light bulb though as you don’t want to burn the place down.


Beautiful Sunset

I may have tweaked the colors a little, but overall, the sunsets are pretty amazing when different colors light up the sky.