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Fun Day At The Minnesota Zoo

Spent the day at the Minnesota Zoo today. We met all the animals and played in the splash park. We even saw the farm animals but it still seems weird to go to the zoo to see cows. They also have a nice new outdoor themed play area for all ages.

This is why we live outside the city.

We live outside the city because of views like this from our backyard. We see trees, not houses, we have a large yard for our daughter to run around in, and we have the ability to look up at night and see stars. It is quiet, it is spacious, and it is beautiful.

Turned a tree stump into a pie chart.

Had to remove a dead tree a few weeks ago and have been worried about someone not seeing the stump on the yard and tripping over it. So we decided to paint it for now. Lily and the neighbor kids all got to pick a color and paint a section that was created by the […]