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Tinseltown – A Christmas Firefox Theme

Works in Firefox 2 & 3

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‘Tis the season. Time to string up the lights, put up the tree and get in the Christmas mood. What better to help you along than with a Christmas Firefox theme.

Hit the holiday music* ~ []

Tinseltown - A Christmas Firefox Theme

Tinsel town incorporates snow, reindeer, candy cane stripes, presents and much more Christmas imagery. A big thanks goes out to WatiWorks, a stock icon site that allowed me to use their free icons for parts of Tinseltown. If you want Christmas icons to match the theme, check out their free icon section.

Some of the cool features of Tinseltown include a semi-transparent URL & search box, blinking Christmas light throbber and how, with no tabs, the theme will merge with a website that has a white background. To get that full effect, check install Tinseltown and go to or

I hope you enjoy this Christmas Firefox theme as much as I do.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!


Feel free to leave feedback in one of the Tinseltown blog posts.

* Holiday music is Deck the Halls from SheDaisy. Available on their fantastic Christmas album available on Amazon and on iTunes.