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iAqua – Mac Like Firefox Theme

Works in Firefox 2

Firefox meets Apple’s in iAqua

This Firefox theme was inspired from a theme over at MacThemes. It seems a Mozilla team member created a mockup of what the thought the Mac version of Firefox 2 could look like. It never came into existence, so I took a crack at it.

iAqua Previews

iAqua features

  • Apple pill like buttons.
  • Forward and back buttons together.
  • Close button on the left side of the tab.
  • Rounded URL bar and search box with finished ends.
  • Mac like scroll bar.
  • Plus much more.

Better yet, it’s not just a Mac theme, it works on Windows and Linux too!

What’s that? You need code hacks?

/* Kill bookmark icons in the Personal Toolbar */
toolbarbutton.bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-icon { display: none; }

/* Kill Fav icons in tabs */
.tab-icon-image { display:none; }

Take iAqua for a spin and let me know what you think.  May not be completely compatable with all extensions, but most should work. 🙂

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