Works in Firefox 2 & 3

Introducing the iPhone Socialthing! sidebar for Firefox. It’s simply an extension that loads the iPhone version of Socialthing! in Firefox’s sidebar. All features are controlled by Socialthing!, I’m just bringing it into Firefox.

Download the iPhone Socialthing! Sidebar extension. (right click, save links as)

Socialthing! Sidebar FirefoxHow it works.
1. Download the extension to your desktop. Then go to Tools -> Add-ons and drag ist.xpi to your add-ons window. It’ll install and you’ll have to restart Firefox.

2. Log into via your main Firefox window. Doing this before hand will make things a lot easier. If you log in through the sidebar, it won’t redirect properly. (Socialthing! developers, please fix this.)

3. Once logged in go to View -> Sidebar -> iPhone Socialthing! Sidebar, or hit control+alt+s, or customize your menu bar to add the Socialthing! button.

4. Enjoy.

The SocialThing! sidebar works in Firefox 2 and 3. Again, all features and programming have all been done by Socialthing! people. I just added the duct tape that makes it load in Firefox. 😉

This is an un-official extension and I provide no warranty or guarantees. But it works for me on my iMac.

If you don’t want to install the extension, then go to and bookmark that page in Firefox. Then go to Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks and get the properties of the iPhone Socialthing! bookmark. Then tell it to load in the sidebar. You won’t get a fancy button or keyboard shortcuts, but it works too.

I’ve also created an iPhone Facebook Sidebar for Firefox that does the same thing for Facebook fans. I almost created a Twitter one too, but then found out there are cooler Firefox Twitter extensions.