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Firefox theme with dark and orange colors

HalloFF – Halloween Firefox Theme

This Halloween Firefox theme sports Jack Skellington and some of his friends.

Firefox theme with dark and orange colors

HalloFF is much like my MidnightFox theme, only customized with the Nightmare Before Christmas characters to make a fun, dark, Halloween theme with bright orange and green accents.

Jack Skellington is the center of HalloFF but a few other characters such as Oogie Boogie and Zero can also be found in the theme.  It should be a real treat for any Nightmare Before Christmas fans or those that just want to celebrate Halloween!


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  1. 3/26/2007

    […] Yes, it’s been a while, but HalloFF has arrived for Firefox 2. […]

  2. 10/9/2007

    […] Also, check out HalloFF if you’re looking for a Halloween Firefox Theme! […]

  3. 9/16/2008

    […] news Halloween fans, HalloFF, and Jack Skellington, have risen from the dead for Firefox 3!!  The theme is now Firefox 3 […]

  4. 9/24/2008

    […] the bulk of what was updated.  I wanted to take HalloFF farther away from MidnightFox and have it stand on it’s own and I think I accomplished […]

  5. 10/30/2008

    […] Tema Firefox. […]

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