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Miint Firefox Theme

Works with Firefox 3 and 3

Combine some greens and dark grays and you’ll get Miint, a tasty little Firefox theme.

Miint Preview Big

Miint is not your average theme, it’s been built with the idea that a smaller theme file may make Firefox a bit faster. iPox (by comparison) weights in at about 820K and other themes on the Mozilla Addon site are over 1 MB in size. Miint however is just 540K.*

To keep the file size down, I’ve been using CSS to style elements where possible and tried to avoid using images. Scrollbars, progress bars and many elements are just a flat color. Other items such as buttons are a flat style and I did my best to compress them quite a bit to compress the file sizes. If that wasn’t enough, I also went though the theme file and started tossing out anything that wasn’t being used. It’s amazing how much stuff you can toss out if you want to.

But don’t let that scare you, even though it’s a small file size and doesn’t use a lot of images, Miint is still a great theme. It’s easy on the eyes and definitely worth a spin.

*Note: Miint 2 is still in production and the file size may not be as compact as possible.  It’s still beeing worked on though.

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