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TW Search Overlay for WordPress

I’ve started another WordPress plugin called TW Search that adds a simple search overlay to a site. It’s nothing too complex, but it works.

The plugin is simple to use. There are just a few settings in the customizer and it should work. You get to choose which menu to add the search link too or you can choose to add a custom class to any element and have that open the search overlay.

The idea was born from BeaverBuilders lack of search on mobile. I’ve worked on other solutions in the past but wanted one that was a bit nicer and still super simple to add to a site. Plus I didn’t want to have to worry about people’s designs as TW Search shouldn’t interfere with your design.

It’s not just for BeaverBuilder though, it should work with any WordPress theme. It’s also not just for mobile. Desktop, tablet, and mobile users will have the same experience.

Right now the plugin is still under active development but seems to be working pretty well for me. It hasn’t been tested a lot but if you’re adventurous, give it a spin.

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