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PinkHope – Breast Cancer Awareness Firefox Theme

Works in Firefox 2

PinkHope is a Firefox theme for breast cancer awareness. It’s very pink and sports a breast cancer ribbon.

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PinkHope is very pink and is one way you can help spread awareness at home, school or work without saying a word. The bright colors and pink ribbon are enough to let anyone know the cause.

There is a lot of pink here. The main toolbar area has a nice pink background design with a big breast cancer awareness ribbon. The search box, address box, tabs and status bar are also pink.

The browser icons were designed by Ken Saunders and a big thanks goes out to him for those.

Here are more details on how PinkHope got its start. If you’d like to leave feedback, please do so in one of the PinkHope blog posts.


PinkHope is not endorsed or affiliated with any cancer groups, it’s just my personal contribution to breast cancer awareness.

– Updated for Firefox 3!
– Lots of re-working of the code and some browser elements.

– All new pink backgrounds
– Pink search and address bar
– Pink Tabs
– Pink Statusbar
– Lots of polish.

– Fission Support (as good as I can get)
– AddBlock Plus Fixes (I think)
– Added Pink Progress Bar
– Added New Tab Button on Tab Bar Extension Support

v0.7 – Initial Release