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iV – Beta 1 – My First Thunderbird Theme

Check out iV, my first Thunderbird theme.


// Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. //

Currently iV is in beta mode and this is the first public release. Seeing as I’ve never themed Thunderbird before, there are a lot of issues. It’s funny, I can now create a sweet Firefox theme in just a few hours, but with Thunderbird, I’m fumbling left and right.

iV beta 1 includes all toolbar buttons, basic Lighting support (it works), custom buttons, folders and all sorts of icons.

This all started when Vitae was released. It’s a very beautiful Mac theme that impressed me so I decided to create a Thunderbird theme to match. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as good. However, it is a decent start and I’ve been using it for a few weeks with only a few oddities.

The beta warnings.

  • It’s only been tested on the Mac. Let me know if others have success.
  • It’s not complete, but it works.

Feel free to report bugs below and I’ll try and squash them as I find them.

Download Without further ado, download iV beta 1.

To install, you must first download the theme. If you are in Firefox, you may need to right click on the link above and save it to your desktop. Then open Thunderbrid and go to Tools -> Addons. Click on the Install button and choose iV-Beta1.jar. Don’t forget to activate the theme too.

23 Responses

  1. MacDeviant says:

    excellent theme!!! any chance of a Firefox theme?

  2. Thomas says:

    I’m busy working on the iAqua Firefox theme. I don’t see an iV Firefox version anytime soon.

  3. MacDeviant says:

    I can’t wait for your iAqua Firefox theme. If it’s anything like iV-Beta 1 theme, it will be excellent.


  4. Thomas says:

    You can download iAqua today. See the post, at the bottom there is a download link.

  5. MacDeviant says:


    Thank you for iAqua, it’s excellent!!! Wouldn’t mind learning how do themes myself.

    MacDeviant (aka – Wally)

  6. Thomas says:

    You have checked out my tutorials on creating Firefox themes haven’t you? I try to make it easy to make a theme. 🙂

  7. MacDeviant says:

    I did today, and will go through the lessons one at a time. Thank you.

  8. Gogsy says:


    This is a Great theme for TB.
    One point tho’, is it possible for the toolbar to adopt the desktop visual style colours. I use “leopard” and this only skins the top bar of the theme, the rest of which is Tiger (ish) hehe

  9. Thomas says:

    Drop a link to a screenshot Gogsy. I won’t have leopard until it comes out on store shelves. 🙂

  10. Gogsy says:

    Here you go, see how the default skin , themes the whole of the tool bar and yours does just the top.
    Thanks Gogsy

  11. Thomas says:

    I think that’s because I probably don’t have the very top bar (PC only) themed.

  12. Mike says:

    Best Thunderbird theme out there. Use iAqua too!
    Please dont give up on either one of these themes
    Clean Crisp Great

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Memini says:

    F A N T A S T I C !!!111

  14. DarthNihilus says:

    is it possible to do every second line another color?
    Like that:

    I mean the background, would be better!

  15. Thomas says:

    If I start back up with iV I’ll keep that in mind.

  16. Maurice says:

    Very nice theme, works very well in Windows, too!

    I like much the compact list of folders and mail headings, saving a lot of space without loss of clarity!

    Keep up!

  17. dviixv says:

    great theme for T-Bird mate !!!
    one of the best over the web…
    keep up…

  18. P.J Blank says:

    Hey, i’m trying to download thins thing and i couldn’t find a way how to. Can someone assist me with further detail please? Looking forward for a message from any of you guys. E mail me if you can help.

    [email protected]

  19. Thomas says:

    Hi Pj, just click the download link at the end of the post. Did that not work for you?

  20. Simon says:

    For when a beta 2?

  21. Thomas says:

    No plans for a beta 2 at this time Simon.

  22. Ashish says:

    Thnaks for this nice theme. Any crystal themes resources?

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