Check out iV, my first Thunderbird theme.


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Currently iV is in beta mode and this is the first public release. Seeing as I’ve never themed Thunderbird before, there are a lot of issues. It’s funny, I can now create a sweet Firefox theme in just a few hours, but with Thunderbird, I’m fumbling left and right.

iV beta 1 includes all toolbar buttons, basic Lighting support (it works), custom buttons, folders and all sorts of icons.

This all started when Vitae was released. It’s a very beautiful Mac theme that impressed me so I decided to create a Thunderbird theme to match. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as good. However, it is a decent start and I’ve been using it for a few weeks with only a few oddities.

The beta warnings.

  • It’s only been tested on the Mac. Let me know if others have success.
  • It’s not complete, but it works.

Feel free to report bugs below and I’ll try and squash them as I find them.

Download Without further ado, download iV beta 1.

To install, you must first download the theme. If you are in Firefox, you may need to right click on the link above and save it to your desktop. Then open Thunderbrid and go to Tools -> Addons. Click on the Install button and choose iV-Beta1.jar. Don’t forget to activate the theme too.