Sync iCal gCalFor quite a while now I’ve been looking for a solution to sync iCal and Google Calender. I’ve even though of giving up on iCal and using (an application) full time. However Plaxo 3 was released the other day and it syncs calendars for free.

Running a few tests, it indeed does sync my iCal and Google Calendar. However, it’s not instant. When I make an update to one calendar, it’s a bit of time before it shows on another. I’m not sure the exact amount of time, but it’s more like once an hour or two. Even by hitting the sync button in the Plaxo menubar icon, the changes don’t seem to take effect on Google Calendar right away.

Now, this is a newer service, so that could change in the future. However, it still works to sync between Google Calendar and iCal (both ways). Plus, you can also add in Outlook and Yahoo calendars if you want.

The other downside I have is I can’t make the online Plaxo calendar work in Firefox. Safari, even though un-supported, works much better. Go figure. I must have an addon conflict as it works fine in Camino and Flock.

Now I’ve tried other Mac calendar syncing applications too. Spanning Sync worked well, but the price tag ($65) was way to much for me. gSync ($20) is another alternative. This wasn’t user friendly to me and I may re-check it out after it goes 1.0.

With Plaxo syncing iCal and Google Calendar for me for free, I feel a bit more organized. I’m hoping that this service continues to improve and the sync times are updated a bit more often. But then again, if I’m editing Google Calendar, I must not be at home. πŸ˜‰

If you’ve been looking for a solution on Mac or PC to sync your calendars, do check out Plaxo. It’s free and will sync many different calendars to keep you organized.