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My Google Business Cards

I just received my free Google business cards in the mail. No, I don’t work for Google, but it’s a promotional item for Google’s profile pages. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Ohh and you can see my Google profile here.

Sync iCal and Google Calendar for Free. Plus Outlook and Yahoo.

For quite a while now I’ve been looking for a solution to sync iCal and Google Calender. I’ve even though of giving up on iCal and using (an application) full time. However Plaxo 3 was released the other day and it syncs calendars for free. Running a few tests, it indeed does sync my […]

NeoOffice Goodness & Replacement Icon

I’ve recently re-checked out NeoOffice. NeoOffice is the Mac version of OpenOffice and is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. NeoOffice is free which makes it $400 less that the Microsoft version. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The download is big, but it’s a program that sure can do a lot. The interface is very nice and it makes […]

Free Mac Applications – Download Now

It’s December which means MacAppADay has started. Today it’s a nifty little iTunes controller and I’ve seen YummyFTP in the previews. Get your free download before they are gone:

9 Great, Free Mac Applications

To fill sometime between now and my next ‘announcement’, I thought I’d share five nine free Mac apps that make my day easier. Firefox – Customizable web browser. I love it. Thunderbird – For work Email. TextWranger – Great all around text/html editor. AOL Radio – XM Radio for free and almost commercial free. Sweet. […]

Free & Discounted Mac Apps

It all started with MacZot a few months ago. The idea was to give discounted, and sometimes free, applications to Mac users. Recently MacUpdate jumped on board with the daily special idea and now MacAppADay is next on the list. MacAppADay is all about free apps and it sounds almost to good to be true. […]

Nasty Fish : Zooomr Signup

I heard that Zooomr was giving out free pro accounts for signing up and blogging an image so I thought I’d join up. Still not sure how it all works, but I’m waiting for my free upgrade. ๐Ÿ˜‰ For my first image, I looked back though some old photos and found a picture of a […]

ZoHo – Online Office Applications

There has been lots of talk online about Writely, iRows and Google Spreadsheet lately that I though I’d take a moment and talk about the Zoho offerings. ZoHo is a company that makes an online word processor , spreadsheet application, polls, to-do lists, chat and more. Most applications are free and are all very good; […]

Mount on your Desktop is an online storage site that gives you five free gigs of space to do with what you please. However, Uneasy Silence has figured out how to connect to via the Mac Finder. Thus allowing you to have a free, mountable 5 Gig online storage account. It’s quite easy, just follow these steps. […]