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9 Great, Free Mac Applications

Apple LogoTo fill sometime between now and my next ‘announcement’, I thought I’d share five nine free Mac apps that make my day easier.

  1. Firefox – Customizable web browser. I love it.
  2. Thunderbird – For work Email.
  3. TextWranger – Great all around text/html editor.
  4. AOL Radio – XM Radio for free and almost commercial free. Sweet.
  5. Adium – The only chat application worth having.
  6. Journler – Best everything app. Text, Video, Audio and much more.
  7. Quicksilver – Sweet HD search. Like Spotlight only prettier.
  8. Skype (on a good day) – I use this daily for my work phone however I’m having issues lately.
  9. Clean Archiver – Easily create zip (and other) files without .ds_store files.

All these apps can be found at MacUpdate.

What are some of your favorite free Mac applications??

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  1. 12/13/2006

    […] I’m excited every morning to go and see what’s new. I’ll be sad when December is over and my free shareware apps will go away. I guess it’ll be back to MacZot for that morning thrill or MacUpdate in search of good freeware. […]

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