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Spice up Adium with iPhone Backgrounds

Did you know that iPhone backgrounds make great backgrounds for chat windows in Adium?  See for yourself. It’s really simple to do too.  Here’s how. 1 – Grab a cool iPhone background.  Here is the blue iPhone background I’m using. 2 – Open Adium and go to the preferences and click on the messages area. 3 – See […]

The Mac GUI Is Evolving – One Program At A Time

Recently I’ve been noticing more and more applications that are standing out from the crowd. It seems that we are no longer bound to the basic aqua look and feel that we’ve been in for so long. As the horizontal stripes disappear, new and custom interfaces are making their way onto the Mac. But why […]

Gizmo Rocks Skype in VoIP

Note: I wrote this post at the beginning of the year. Since then Adium 1.0 has come out and my use of Skype and Gizmo has unfortunately ended. However, I’d still choose Gizmo over Skype if I startup doing VoIP again. My love for Skype has been fading so I’ve been checking out Gizmo and […]

Adium Has Landed – The Perfect Chat Application

The only chat application necessary on a Mac has just hit 1.0. Adium is the duck of all trades as far as instant messaging is concerned. It works with AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and many more services. It comes with a great tabbed interface and the best option of all, customization! Adium is […]

9 Great, Free Mac Applications

To fill sometime between now and my next ‘announcement’, I thought I’d share five nine free Mac apps that make my day easier. Firefox – Customizable web browser. I love it. Thunderbird – For work Email. TextWranger – Great all around text/html editor. AOL Radio – XM Radio for free and almost commercial free. Sweet. […]

Yahoo Messenger Mac 3 Beta 1 Review

Incase you missed it, Yahoo released beta version 1 of their Yahoo Messenger 3 for the Mac. Overall, it’s an excellent leap forward. Now, most reviews you might read about Yahoo Messenger Mac 3.0 Beta 1 will end up saying that Adium rocks and is superior in most ways. Were as I can’t deny that, […]

Portable Applications

Myself, I haven’t tired this, but it looks cool! Portable applications are just applications that store all your preferences and related files together. It could be on a USB drive, Zip disk or iPod. Perfect for taking your bookmarks, mail and setting with you when you go. Sounds like a great idea to me. Use […]

Proteus IM is now Free.

Proteus instant messenger has has gone from a paid application to a free application. Proteus can connect to almost any IM service such as Yahoo, Google and MSN. It’s a great idea and this was a cool program a few years ago. That was until I found Adium. Adium does the same thing only it’s […]