Did you know that iPhone backgrounds make great backgrounds for chat windows in Adium?  See for yourself.

iPhone Background on Adium

It’s really simple to do too.  Here’s how.

1 – Grab a cool iPhone background.  Here is the blue iPhone background I’m using.

2 – Open Adium and go to the preferences and click on the messages area.

3 – See that area for a custom background?  Check the box and drag and drop your iPhone background in there.

Adium Preferances

Wa la.  You’re done!

There are a few things to keep in mind.  

First, the width of iPhone backgrounds are a bit limiting.  Your window will need to be a fixed width or your background will need to wrap nicely.  The window is not to skinny though.  Also, most iPhone backgrounds don’t repeat well vertically.  Some do though, so pick a nice one.

That’s it.  Enjoy!