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Wii + Amazon = Disappointment

It’s now 2:45am CST and I’ve been on hitting refresh for the past hour. Still, no Wii’s for sale. There are a lot of angry customers and I’m more disappointed than angry. In their defense, their email did say that they would go on sale the morning of the 19th, but no specific time was given. It could be 8am for all I know. 🙁

Reading the comments (over 350), and form posts, everyone is getting mixed responses when calling Amazon. Some reps say they are sold out, other say they will put them online around 7 or 8 (or in a few minutes or after noon or…) and others say Amazon and Nintendo are disagreeing on terms.

I’m waiting till 3am CST and if they are not online I guess just doesn’t want my money. I’ll try Target in the morning or wait till another day.

Overall, the confusion is not working in Amazon’s favor and their communication with the customer is not consistent. If they are sold out, it should say “Sold Out”. If there are technical difficulties, than a message on the Wii page saying so would help. For being one of the biggest online retailers, this is not looking good for them. Not only are they missing out on orders, but some may think twice about doing their holiday shopping on Amazon.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Update: said they’d let me order it. So I did. Hopefully it’ll be in store for me tomorrow.

  2. Thomas says:

    MicroCetner canceled my order as they didn’t have enough. So no Wii for us. We’ll find one eventually.

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